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Heart of Deimos: Xaku Feedback Megathread

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So I'm loving Xaku so far, especially after the recent changes but there are still glaring issues that are holding them back and lack of synergy:

Passive: - Increase dodge chance and AOE damage reduction to 35%.

Xata's Whisper:

    -Void Status Proc: As it stands right now, void status procs are really bad, the bubble is centered on the enemy torso, therefore making headshots practically impossible except from certain awkward angles of fire, this proc needs to be reworked/changed, my suggestion is to make void procs stack up to 10, last 6 seconds (like all others), the bubble centered on the enemy's head/weak spot to empower gunplay and add a small flat damage increase to guns and melee against the affected enemy that increases with the stack number (up to a cap of +100% extra damage) this would make it a desirable proc to obtain easy headshots and now also affecting melee play.

    - Increase extra void damage to +100% base.

    - Make Xata's Whisper synergize with other abilities by applying the bonus damage boost to Lohk weapons, Accused enemies' guns, Deny's beam and The Vast Untime's explosion damage.

Grasp of Lohk:

    - Double the targeting range of the weapons. Otherwise a very solid ability after the changes.

    - Double duration of weapons.

The Lost:

    - Reduce energy drain to 50 base.

    - Make all animations upper body (allows movement).


         Synergy with Grasp of Lohk: When Grasp is used on accused enemies, they keep their guns and create "empowered" lohk weapons that deal 2x damage and can target accused enemies. Accused enemies killed by Grasp of Lohk weapons explode dealing 150 base void damage that scales with enemy level in a 7m base area.

        - Void fissure persists for 6 seconds (base) and continuously accuses enemies that enter its radius.

        - Double duration of accused enemies.


        - Double radius of defense reduction.

        - Double duration.

        - Increase base defense reduction to 75% so as to not make 100% reduction so demanding in terms of power strength.

        Synergy with Deny: If Deny's beam is fired at the trapped enemy from Gaze, the beam splits from the central enemy and hits all enemies that are within Gaze's radius.


        - Make Deny's hitbox a cone in front of Xaku with a 70º degree angle.

        - Enemies killed by Deny have a slightly higher chance of dropping energy orbs and a 25% chance to drop 2 health orbs (not affected by mods).

        - Make Deny's damage scale further by 5% of the enemy's max health (not affected by mods).

The Vast Untime:

    - Solid ability after the changes but can be better.

    - Reduce energy cost to 75.

    - While active, enemies are continuously slowed and rendered 75% (not affected by mods) more vulnerable to void damage when they enter the radius. (Fits the untime theme during the whole ability and not just the begining.) This effect runs out when Xaku rebuilds or when the enemy leaves the radius.

    - Increase dodge chance and AOE damage reduction to 80%.

    - Initial explosion damage is multiplied by the number of currently active abilities at the time of casting. For example, if Xata's Whisper is turned on, and there are Lohk weapons active, it will count as 2 active abilities and the explosion damage will recieve a 3x multiplier. If accused enemies exist and there are enemies suspended by Deny, this will count as 2 distinct active abilities and so on.

I hope these suggestions are appealing to you :)

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This is my first post on forums, I'm sorry if there is any mistake.

I want to give feedback on Xaku in current states, before that. I have forma Xaku 8 times, I also have tested it, in most content. I hope my feedback counts.



Passive :

25% evasion is OK, not great.

Xata's Whisper :

I think this first ability is OK, nothing great just add more damage, it's okay as it is for me. Duration a bit too long, especially combined with Vast Untime

Grasp of Lohk :

I like this ability very much, I like the way it shoot target, BUT as of current patch, the shooting range is on lower side, makes me gone to melee range. Grab range is fine, I hope you can make it the same range as grab range. It's better that way. And also make it stacks, so I can cast twice for maximum amount of weapons. Because some cases, there are only plenty of enemy to grab weapon, makes less rewarding building max range (16 max target).

The Lost :

This ability cost to much, I think 50 should be fine. Or 65 if that's too low.

Deny : 

Casting time took awhile, can't use it while running. Change it, so it's a bit faster, and also able to cast while running. I guess it's an OK abilities, doesn't use it often. Because of that energy cost and casting time. It's damage abilities, make it so more flexible to use.

Accuse :

I like this ability, currently no need changes. If it's need changes, probably make the enemy health decreased overtime. Just to make more effect, not just an AoE Mind Control.

Gaze :

The most good ability of the 3. Currently what I hate about this is Xaku's Grasp of Lohk keep shooting at Gazed enemy. It's just plain annoying, make it they don't target the Gazed enemy. Also while Gazed, enemy can die (but keep Gazed pillar), so I can use it in defense mission since duration is long when combined with Vast Untime making me have to let go of the enemy for the next wave to start.

The Vast Untime :

I like the new buff. Keep it that way. But currently Xaku survivability is at 75% could you increased it to 100%. You have to consider that because, there are many warframe ability that can be invisible thus not being attacked. While Xaku is NOT invisible and can be attacked AND damaged with AoE (explosion, etc). This will increase the survivability consistently, and can be calculated. As of now, even with vitality equipped, I still often dying randomly .


You could make it 75% with health regen, so Xaku can survive much longer. (don't make it scale with strength, as it will be broken healing, just give flat % health regen)


Please consider these changes, if necessary. Thank you for reading my feedback.

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From my experience, and what I have seen mentioned by other players, Xaku's The Lost: Deny is still going to be massively underused. Personally, I feel like the ability really doesn't fit the name. It's more an attack than it is a denial, and a weak one at that. I believe it needs a rework, and here is my idea for how it should be: 

Xaku releases a radial burst of void damage that deals damage and knocks down enemies, thus denying them the chance to attack.

Basically, I envision it as being a momentarily disabling wave of energy that is useful for damaging enemies around Xaku and providing momentary relief from enemy attacks. A true denial of their ability to harm Xaku.

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After leveling this scrap heap of a frame here's some changes I've thought of.

  1. Remove the animation locks or speed up the casting animations. (Getting locked in place for several seconds usually doesn't end well even with the Dodge chance Xaku can get)
  2. Increase the range of the grasped weapons and increase how fast they lock onto enemies. (By the time you get close enough to an enemy for it shoot them they're usually already dead)
  3. Give Accused enemies some sort of damage buff against their allies or something. Currently they're just pathetic thralls.
  4. Let us hold down accused while looking at accused to clear the current accused enemies.
  5. Make accused enemies not count towards mission progress.
  6. Let us recast accused while taking currently accused into account for the cap.
  7. Like others have said, make Grasp ignore Gazed enemies.

This is the biggest change I can think of to make Xaku feel less... unpleasant to play.

  • Change the name of Vast Untime to something else, remove the ability duration pause feature, increase the base duration of all the other abilities by 25 seconds, lower the energy drain, decrease the explosion damage, increase the dodge chance

Currently it feels like the pause feature was just tacked on with duration of the other abilities lowered as a lame way of saying "It's synergy" when it's just annoying and stupid and doesn't need to exist.

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So after some time with xaku i can say i'm confortable with most of his abilities. However there is a glaring issue that needs addressed.

1.xata whisper: this ability is fine. if i had it my way it would affect eidelons cuz u know it's void damage and at current he is usls in that fight "so just stick with meta garbage to auto win that still".

2.Grasp of lohk: this ability is generally fine it does piss me off however that i am required to build max range to use this ability at all.

3.Accuse,gaze,deny these abilities are fine after the recent update

4.The vast untimed: This ability should be called "your chance to die" idk who's idea it was to put yet another dodge chance mechanic in the game but u need to fire that idiot.sorry but i am blunt.I happen to know for a fact that u guys are aware that the comunity does not like this mechanic "titania any1".So it pisses me off to no end that i get to see it yet again on another frame.the only reason it currently works on titania is the few damage reduction mods that ppl had to fight with u about for quite some time just to get.This mechanic does not work it will never work.The comunity will never think that the mechanic will ever be good.plz stop trying to add it to warframes.As this is his survivability skill and u guys obviously don't want to put in the time to change it just switch it to DR and it's fixed.Until that heppens there is zero reason to play this frame and it'll go the way of zephyr and the other frames i refuse to play cuz other frames do the same thing better.

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I replaced Xaku's ult with Ember's Fire Blast (+healing augment) and Xaku feels good now ( despite Helminth nerf on fire blast!)....  But it is not really Xaku anymore, right🤪 ?


I don't miss Xaku's ugly ult (75% evasion totally useless in high lvl missions anyway) and fire blast degrades Xaku's third ability just to a "nice-to-have" feature. Holding button 3 + casting time and all the issues of Xaku's 3 already mentioned here ... well ,we need huge buffs here.

Such a poor frame. EmbErrassing. ;)


Suggestion1: His passive should allow us to replace two of Xaku's abilites with helminth abilites. :)

Suggestion2: While void-damage buff active all weapon/damage output ignores nullifier shields or disable nullifier shields instantly. 

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So I just tested Deny against the Sentients we see most often, Battalyst and Conculyst. I was Denied my satisfaction due to the stasis effect having absolutely no CC effect on these Sentient frontline troopers. The visual effect is there and it was pretty, but I digress, Deny still needs more buffs.

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If you’re going to keep The Lost at 75 energy then all 3 abilities in it HAVE TO BE WORTH 75 Energy. Right now it’s like minelayer or quiver but for some reason each cast costs 100 energy. The effects aren’t strong enough, and the ranges are too minimal for these abilities to ever be effective on a realistic build.

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So I finally get my affinity booster and put 4 forma on my Xaku ... And play test him on Titan ( Saturn ) in steel path .

Recent changes for him really helps , now he is more like a b tier frame . But he can still be better , and there are still some issues needs to be fix .


Here is a quick summary of my experience .

◆Void proc's body shot problem needs to be fix. Just let is funtion like Mag's bubble , this will fix a lot of thing .

◆Xaku don't really have thing to help it survive , just lower the chance of being 2 shot . And unlike actual protective power , this one is depend on luck , which is not good .

Xata's Whisper is plain . Is just a passive damage buff , I don't really feel any difference with / without it . 

Grasp of Lohk is okay when Gaze is active a.k.a when enemy don't have armor . This create another problem which I will talk about later .

Grasp of Lohk's gun will target Gaze target for some reason , results in wasted damage .

◆I heard Grasp of Lohk has a range problem , but I can't really tell , because they keeps shooting at Gaze target...

◆I don't even want to use Accuse . I see no point in casting this ability when I can just hit them . Yes this can use as a distraction for surviving , but than we can still hit and kill enemies under this affect , and remove the entire point of distraction ability .

Gaze is really good , but this debuff zone ability also push Xaku into a super campy playstyle , which only works in a few game modes ( Survival , Mobile Defense , Interception etc. ) .

◆Xaku's abilities' effect is super bad outside Gaze zone . 

Deny can do solid damage , inside Gaze range that is . Also it's width is very small ,at the point I need to actually lock on an enemy to hit them , when I can just hit them to have the same result.

The Lost's casting time is too long . But I think that may be fine , because The Vast Untime can lock they're duration so I don't need to cast them too many time . Still , changing them to upper body action ( can still move while casting ) definitely will help .

The Vast Untime's change is super unique , and I love it . But this also make it feels like Titania , where her 4 is basically her passive . And while Titania's 4 actually bring in a unique playstyle ( Archwing everywhere ) , The Vast Untime don't really change how we play . We just keep it active and do what we always do . Locking duration is a unique feature for sure , but since most Xaku's ability is some kind of set up ability , this didn't give a unique gameplay  .

◆What is Xaku's role ? He feels like a jack of all trade , but all other jack of all trade frame still have one thing which is better than other . He is not really a caster , not a effective CC , not a DPS for sure , and 100% not a tank .

◆This bring to the last point . What's the point of Xaku ? By this I mean , what  did Xaku offer to make I want to use it? It doesn't have unique gameplay loop or ability really stands out for now , the only thing going for it is he is the only Void damage frame . But the potential of this concept still hasn't been seen .


And here is the tl;dr of my summary 

◆1 is boring.

◆2 is okay , but needs some fixing .

◆3 have one good ability results in an unhealthy playstyle , one ability that only works with other , and one with no point at all .

◆4 is super nice , but didn't change playstyle .

◆What's the point of Xaku ?


While I don't have answer for all of them , I do have some suggestion .

Void proc 

Change it to work like Mag's bubble ( center at head )


Xata's Whisper

Change to single hand action .

Also grant status chance .

While active , hitting enemies under void proc's effect will also damage those are under Void proc's effect , equal to % of original damage .


The Void is a place beyond time and space .

So I think this can give this the flavor of void , where it's effect isn't restrict by space .



Grasp of Lohk

Increase shooting range 

Stop shooting at Gaze target .

Will give some of his gun to teammates nearby . ( Like Baruuk's 3 )


This change can give Xaku a reason to be bring to a team . Everyone loves free gun .



Can move while casting .

Reduced max target , but make it so we can't damage them .

Redirect part of damage taken onto Accused target . ( Like Nekros' 4 augment and Nidus' 3 )



It's like false accusing someone else for something you did ! I think this is great flavor and can give Xaku some much needed protection .



Can move while casting .



Can move while casting .

increase width or make it a big cone . Something like that .


The Vast Untime

I still think the "take more void damage zone" needs to be an aura around Xaku instead of an one time thing .

Teammate hit by the explosion are also granted Xata's whisper's buff .


This can make Xaku less rely on Gaze .

Also give people a reason to bring Xaku to a team . Everyone loves mini Mark of Death .



So these changes can make Xaku's power stronger and give Xaku a special place on the team .

Also provide Xaku a actual role , which is a jack of all trade that have unique support ability .



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My thoughts:

1. Only advantage of the first ability is use it against sentient. But devs seen dont like this idea since devs dont want it to work on Eidolon. We should just remove this ability. Otherwise you will see people "abuse it" when SS event come back again.

2. Second ability now deal good damage but plz make them stop shotting gazed target.

3.Accuse and Deny are bad. suggestion: make Accuse as a cc with armor stripping. player can use it in moving mission and let Gaze be the choice in stational mission .

make Deny's deal aoe/scaling damage. cut energy cost and replace it's frist ability.

4.Deny should have multiple lazer beam from floating guns. That will be cool.

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If DE are concerned about Grasp shooting range being unreasonable big with range modded to 260% they should just make shooting range static-unmodable or add a hard cap (no more than 20m). Current 8m  shooting range feels like a joke. It feels almost useless without maxed modded range.

Gaze is unplayable at anything besides 260% range + 200% strength builds at Steel Path. Without full armor stripping its effect is underwhelming considering how extremely clunky this ability is to use.

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After the last change I have tried it with one or two forma (don't remember).
I put the Rush, 175% strength, 80%-90% duration, 100% range and 130% efficiency.
I have 2 slots left, but I don't want to forma too much because Xaku will be changed.
So far I put 20 Corrupted Heavy Gunners with 155 level, roll (dash) to them, press 2nd (disarm) and immediately roll away. I repeated it a few times I ended disarming whole group.
Sometimes before disarming:
- I use high status weapon to proc a Void status so they won't shoot me.
- Or go to them, and slow them down with Vast untime

After disarming I play with 3rd and my weapons to finish them.

From my experience (problems and what's good):
- duration is ok, could be little bigger but Vast untime keep it on
- I still cannot clearly see Void proc's bubble.
- Grasp of Lohk: I mainly use it for disarming, which is nice, however stolen guns shots are sometimes ok, sometimes they don't shoot. Synergy with the Deny is nice... however the Deny is slow and weird to use sometimes (more later)
- The lost usage is not so good. Hold vs tap is what causes it. The Deny is more spammable while other 2 abilities might be ok with "hold to activate an ability". Selecting ability by holding is slow as well (unless you are using only one ability).
- The Vast untime: first there is no reason to have turn off key for 4th. Why you want to turn it off? You don't want it. Another thing is slowness. It doesn't show on low strength builds and even with some 200-300 strength (from growing power) it isn't huge change. I still cannot see enemies affected by Vast untime (I can see Accused one).
- I don't know if passive works or just enemies just cannot shoot me.

- Void proc's bubble color: set it to energy (or other frame's) color
- Grasp of Lohk could either shoot all the time (with normal bullets or, like someone suggested, some other things, like Molotov cocktail) or it can buff Xata's whisper as it does with the Deny,
- Put the Deny to the 1st key (tap) and Xata's whisper for hold (like someone suggested). Xata's whisper is long buff so it's ok to "hold a key to activate". This way we will speed up abilities' selections. 1st & 3rd will be tap&hold. No need for selection wheel as it is now.
- Tapping 4 key while the Vast untime is active should just recast the ability.
Slowness should be either increased (50% at start) or just set for good value (50-60%).
Put some "decoration" like with Accused enemies so we can see affected enemies (by the Vast untime).
Put the Vast untime things (void resistance & speed debuff) as an aura. So you activate it and within range of X meters from you any enemies will be affected.
Increase movement speed bonus from 20% to 40-50%. They "discard" probably half of their body and gains only 20% speed bonus? I would expect 1.5 - 2.0 increase. 40% - 50% would be nice.
- Change passive to 100% damage reduction ONLY while rolling. While not rolling you get 75% damage reduction. Without the Vast untime on the number would be 25% less (75% while rolling and 50% while not rolling). After roll ends you get some extra time (like Wisp can stay invisible even she touches the ground)..

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Void Proc: 

Make the bullet attractor center on an existing weakspot. Void damage re-proc should create a weakspot.


Xata's Whisper: make single handed action, add status chance

Grasp of Lohk.

Increase shooting range. 

Give it a passive 'weapon token counter' - for every enemy that is killed by Xaku, she steals its weapon for its personal weapon cache. When casting the ability, it would also consume weapon tokens that it accumulated on its counter. Think like Nekros stores souls for its ultimate. She should be able to store more weapon tokens than the max. number of weapons its ability can summon in one casting. 

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deny really needs an aoe potential upgrade, the damage is decent now even though you need grasp of lohk for it but the beam is not only short but really thin so the cc part is wasted. it'd be better if it functioned sorta like an opticor, with unrestricted length and moddable beam width and aoe on punchthrough or something. right now it's mainly good for cc'ing a single enemy and hoping it catches anything else right behind it, and obviously weapons are still gonna out damage it so the damage buff was pretty moot.

grasp of lohk still also has pretty bad base firing range for the turrets, and counter acts the ranged aspect unless you go all in on range.

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While Xaku feels much better with the initial changes, I believe they're stolen guns absolutely need to have a longer reach. It feels really bad having to hug enemies to get the stolen guns to shoot.


I immediately replaced Xatas Whisper because of Void's status effect and the low overall dmg that it added, in a world where I can just put Roar on I dont see a need to use this ability especially when it limits my ability to get headshots. If it didnt do that I would consider using it.


Gaze should not require 200% power strength to strip defenses, like other armor strips, i think it should top out at 145% or so. This would increase build diversity since right now every Xaku that isnt running the greedy pull build is forced into 200% strength, which takes a fair few mod slots.


Deny doesn't quite feel worth using at this point, its typically better to just let Grasp of Lohk do its thing. Deny costs 75 energy, and it should be powerful enough to warrant that cost. Or the cost should lowered.


Xaku has a lot of energy troubles trying to do what they want to do, an idea I had was the enemies under the effects of Accuse would have a better chance to drop energy orbs when they die under its effect, this would go a long way to helping Xaku's energy troubles. I dont think this should be an augment as Xaku is already hurting for mod slots. This would also make Accuse worth using past just CC. I hope this helps, I would love Xaku to be really good because they LOOK really good.

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forgot to talk about Xata's Whisper/formatting
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6 minutes ago, Pandabarrel said:

Gaze needs to be cancelable otherwise it can stop progress on a defense mission,

It is cancelable, just select it like you do if you w ant to turn it on.

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I must admit ... After the recent changes, Xaku is fun to play now. A few more tweaks, and they will be in a nice spot.  I love the synergy between his #2 and his #4. Stopping time while his #4 is active was the best idea so far.  Bravo !


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Xaku is really good after the buffs, but only by half of his kit. After playing extensively with them I've gotten to know very well where Xaku falls short, so I collected some ideas to help in those areas.

Void damage:

  • Status effect attracts bullets to head


Xata’s Whisper: 

  • Allow it to buff abilities

    • This would allow it it to compete with Roar as a damage buff, especially if the void status could help abilities headshot or let them do it when they usually can’t, like Peacemakers and Artemis Bow

  • Optional: let it buff allies in range. 


After buffing void status to allow headshots Xata’s Whisper would be fine already, but letting it buff abilities as well would increase variety in builds (even if just by one ability), as well as synergizing with Xaku’s kit.


Grasp of Lohk:

  • QoL - Buff icon indicating how many spectral guns Xaku currently holds.

  • QoL - Hold to dismiss guns 

    • Would be helpful in a few situations, like if the duration is ending and you see a large group of enemies that you want to steal from but if you run into them, most of them will be killed by the guns.

  • 3s window in which Xaku will continually steal guns


The Lost:



  • Give each accused enemy a percentage of however many guns Xaku currently holds.



  • QoL - Enemy becomes affected immediately upon cast instead of waiting for animation

  • QoL -Deactivating Gaze no longer requires energy

  • QoL - Upon deactivation the effect remains for half a second

    • Just enough so that the gazed enemy can receive the damage without being affected by armor

    • Alternatively turn the deactivation damage into true damage (could even give this to similar abilities)




No longer deals damage, instead slows enemies in a small area

  • Slow: 35% 

    • Scales up to 100%

  • Range: 25m

  • Radius: 8m

  • Duration: 14m

It’ll be very similar in stats to Gaze, the idea is to combine them so that every enemy that enters Gaze’s radius may also be affected by Deny so they become immobile and defenseless.


The Vast Untime:

  • No longer slows (it’s now Deny’s effect)

  • Can now hit enemies regardless of Line of Sight.

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On 2020-09-22 at 9:30 AM, Circle_of_Psi said:

So,  I've been testing the small changes for Xaku and so far they seem decent but they are clearly not enough, here are a couple of suggestions:

Passive & Void Damage: it's not stellar and an % chance to cause "x" is a terrible concept  for an Passive, on top of that Void damage still needs to have the Bullet Attractor removed.

Here is how I am changing the Passive: Enveloped in Void Energy, Xaku redirects damage into Void Damage, affected enemies also suffer 50% vulnerability to Void Status effects and reduced action speed. 

Void Status Effect: Void itself also now grants a 50% Vulnerability to any non-void damage that the target takes.

Here is how I am changing Xata's Whipser: Xata Whipser is now an "Tap/Hold" power, Tapping the power Wield Void damage for all attacks from equipped weapons when activated. Holding the power now Discharges Gaze.

Here is how I am changing Grasp of Lohk: Grasp of Lohk Turret Range is boosted, however each enemy hit is suspended in aerial stasis for 8 seconds.

Here is how I am changing The Lost: The lost is no longer a Cycle through power, it now is a single power called "Void Storm"

Void Storm: Xaku manifests a Void fissure distorting reality,enemies within the storm become corrupted by Void energy and Applies many different debuffs to the targets, including status effects. When killed the storm is transferred into Xaku granting him an high  energy regen. 

(The effects include all Status Effects and their respected damage, however only 2 can be applied at once. Note: It will always proc a Status effect that hasn't already being used, if all has been used, it wil reset)

The Vast Untime will not be changed

Note: The lost will always be a useless power and will always be replaced by something stronger, to prevent this, change it


10 hours ago, Aeon94 said:

Edit : Somehow information on abilities ( next to ability images ) and icons are not visible on Forum's Light Theme. I couldn't fix it without ruining them for both themes, better to use Dark one for full visibility.

All implemented changes are welcome but Xaku and Void damage need more attention.

I want Xaku to be a powerful frame with unique kit, please consider these ideas ( from Xaku Feedback Thread ) below for upcoming phase / phases, edited them according to Phase 1 changes.  @[DE]Danielle

  • First of all, remove infested turd from Xata's Whisper ability and give it more eldritch looking visual fx.
    • Hearing whispers from Void while ability is active would be cool too.
  • Secondly, change the sound fx of Void Replica shots, its seriously headache inducing.


  • Void damage ignores armor & shield and deals bonus damage to sentient type enemies.
  • Void Status drives enemies crazy and makes them attack each other like it was stated in Zariman lore.
  • Xaku's base stats are increased.
  • Xaku has a new passive and given an additional passive based on Fass & Vome.
  • All of Xaku's abilities are tied to Void Requiems.
  • Xaku is given synergies between all abilities.
  • Xata's Whisper, gives increased bonus Void damage ( also buffs rest of their abilities ), reveals enemies and be able to damage Eidolon & Ropalolyst ( has a damage cap ).
  • Grasp of Lohk disarm and shooting range are increased.
  • The Lost ability is reworked entirely ( because of 2 useless sub-abilities and long cast times ) to The Hollow Ones, an ability that creates specters of 3 fallen frames to assist Xaku.
  • The Vast Untime creates a time distruption to slow projectiles and enemies within its radius ( can still be used for container breaker :D ).

Void Damage Changes ;

  • Has no negative modifiers and no positives either.
  • Ignores armor and shield yet it can be reduced by damage reduction of some enemies ( such as Ancient Healers, Distruptors, Treasurers, Noxes and Juggernauts ).
  • Deals 50% bonus damage against sentient type enemies ( regardless of their health / armor types ) and resets their resistances.

Damage numbers of Void abilities and their scaling can be reduced and tweaked to prevent Xaku from being overpowered.

Status Effect Changes ;

Had to swap some of status procs to make Void status changes.

  Reveal hidden contents

Void status effect does what is stated in Zariman lore, drives everyone crazy and causes them to kill each other. 

  • Void Status Effect - Madness ;
    • On Enemy : Attacks any closest enemy and will be attacked in return while dealing 100% additional damage to allied units for 12 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs increasing damage by 50% to a total of 550%.

Bullet attractor bubble is an addition to Magnetic status.

  • Magnetic Status Effect - Distrupt ;
    • On Enemy : Creates a 2.5 meter radius field which attracts projectiles and amplifies damage dealt to shields by 100% and nullifies shield regeneration for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs increasing damage to shields by 25% to a total of 325%.
      • Attractor bubble is affected by energy colour.

Radiation weakens enemies as it messes up with their constitution.

  • Radiation Status Effect - Weaken ;
    • On Enemy: Reduces any damage dealt by 30% for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times, with subsequent procs reducing damage by 5% to a total of 75%.
    • On Player: Reduces any damage dealt to 30% for 6 seconds.

Puncture does what it should actually do, puncture people.

  • Puncture Status Effect - Punchthrough ;
    • On Enemy : Adds a 5% chance to cause 1.5 meters punch through on enemies for 6 sec. Stacks up to 10 times, total of 50% chance.
    • On Player: No effect.


Xaku Base Stats changes ;
97   --> 123 Health
89   --> 117 Shields
137 --> 141 Armor
153 --> 189 Energy
1.02 --> 1.03 Sprint Speed



Phase Dash : Xaku becomes invulnerable during dash animation.

Serenity of Vome(Order) : Xaku gains 2 energy regen per sec in addition to health regen and movement speed increase while standing in Vome Residue pools.

Ferocity of Fass(Chaos) : Xaku is immune to slow effect of Fass Residue pools and instead gains +15% attack speed and fire rate while standing in it.


Xata'sWhisperModx256 Xata'sWhisper130xWhite
Xata's Whisper
Xaku taps into power of the Xata(Truth), enchants themselves with void energy and reveals their enemies with void sight.
Strength: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% (VoidTearIcon wVoid damage)
Duration: 20 / 30 / 30 / 35 s
Range: 9 / 10 / 12 / 15 m
Misc: 25% (status chance)
Sentient damage resistance reset (upon status proc)

Xaku's weapons and Void related abilities deal +15% / 20% / 25% / 30% bonus Void damage. Enchanted shots have 25% status chance, unaffected by and seperated from weapon status. Xata's Whisper lasts for 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 sec.

  • Xata's Whisper VoidTearIcon wVoid damage is based on a percentage of the total weapon damage.
    • Damage bonus is a separate damage instance, and does not dilute weapon elements.
  • Enchanted shot status chance is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Buff duration is affected by Ability Duration.
  • Enchanted shots can damage Eidolon & Ropalolyst shields but damage is capped at X per shot.

Whispers from Void reveals nearby enemies. Enemies are highlighted and can be seen through terrain, walls and obstacles within 9 / 10 / 12 / 15 meters radius.

  • Enemy reveal radius is affected by Ability Range.
  • Void Sight uses highlight effect of Naramon's Void Hunter ability.

Synergy ; 

  • Xata's Whisper damage buff affects all abilities that deal Void damage.
  • Void Replicas can shoot enemies through obstacles and walls when they are highlighted by Xata's Whisper.
  • All of ability durations are frozen in time while The Vast Untime is active.


GraspofLohkModx256 GraspofLohk130xWhite
Grasp of Lohk
Xaku opens a breach and summon tendrils to disarms enemies and create Void Replicas with power of the Lohk(Void).
Strength: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 (VoidTearIcon w Void scaling damage)
Duration: 5 / 7 / 9 / 12 s
Range: 9 / 10 / 12 / 15 m (grab range)
9 / 10 / 12 / 15 m (firing range)
3 / 4 / 4 / 5 (max disarmed targets) 
Misc: ?/s (fire rate)
25 % (stagger chance on hit)
1.0 x (damage multiplier per 10 enemy level)

Xaku disarms up to 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 enemies within a radius of 8 / 9 / 12 / 15 meters. Disarmed enemies resort to using melee weapons, whilst their ranged weapons transform into Void replicas that hover and follow Xaku for 5 / 7 / 9 / 12 seconds. Void replicas automatically target enemies within direct line of sight and a radius of 8 / 9 / 12 / 15 meters from Xaku, each inflicting 20 / 30 / 40 / 50VoidTearIcon wVoid scaling damage with a 25% chance to stagger their targets. If cast on a weaponless or disarmed enemy, a Void replica of Xaku's primary weapon or a Void entity orb in the absence of a primary, orbits Xaku instead.

  • Damage is affected by Ability Strength and enemy level.
  • Number of Void Replicas is affected by Ability Range and capped at 10.
  Reveal hidden contents

Old scaling formula ;

Total Void Damage = Void Damage × (1 + Ability Strength) × Enemy Level Multiplier

Enemy Level Multiplier = Enemy Level. The multiplier stacks by 100% for each enemy level.

New scaling formula ;

Total Void Damage = Void Base Damage × (1 + Ability Strength) × Enemy Level Multiplier

Enemy Level Multiplier = ceil(Enemy Level ÷ 10). The multiplier only increases after 1 level past the per-10-levels mark (e.g. levels 11, 21, 31, 41, etc).

Synergy ;

  • Xata's Whisper damage buff affects Void Replicas and grants them status chance.
  • Void Replicas can shoot enemies through obstacles and walls when they are highlighted by Xata's Whisper.
  • All of ability durations are frozen in time while The Vast Untime is active.


TheLostModx256 TheLost130xWhite
The Hollow Ones
Xaku sheds fragments of The Hollow Ones and awakens them as specters with power of the Lohk(Void).
Strength: N/A
Duration: N/A
Range: N/A
Misc: 15% (movement speed bonus)
75% (dodge chance and area damage reduction)


" United WE stand, divided WE conquer. " - Xaku, Horsemen of the Tenno-calypse.

Xaku seperates into 4 corporeal forms by awakening fragments of 3 fallen frames as Hollows at his side.

  • Tap the ability key summon Guardian of Jahu(Form), Acolyte of Netra(Decay), and Judicator of Ris(Light).
    • Hollows are invulnerable specters that are summoned until collided with Nullifier Crewman bubbles or Xaku falls out of bound areas.
    • Hollows can't use weapons but can assist Xaku with their abilities while also staying close to Xaku's proximity. They will frequently teleport near Xaku.
    • Hollows can attract enemy attention.
    • When summoned, fragments of Hollows disappear from Xaku's body. 
    • Respective parts of Hollow Specters are highlighted with energy outlines and other parts are shown with dark silhouettes or particle effects. 
      • Hollows inherit Xaku's cosmetics.
  • While active, Xaku can command Hollows to prioritize a target on the aiming reticle by tapping the ability key and leaving a mark above the target ( Lohk Requiem symbol ) for 75 energy. Once commanded, ability cooldowns of Hollows will be reset and they will seek the target to cast their abilities.
  • Hold down the ability key to dispell all Hollows.

Xaku gains +75% evasion, +75% AoE damage reduction and +15% movement speed while his true self is exposed.

  • Evasion, AoE damage reduction and movement speed bonuses are not affected by Ability Strength.
  • Evaded projectiles and bullets are shown with visual effects similar to Baruuk's Elude.

Synergies ;

  • Speed bonus of Xaku's true form is doubled while inside distruption field.
  • Cooldowns of Hollow abilities are halved while inside distruption field.
  • All of ability durations are frozen in time while The Vast Untime is active.
    • This includes effects of Hollow abilities ( aerial stasis, curse and blind durations ).

[White Hollow] - Guardian of Jahu(Form)

  Reveal hidden contents

Ability Behaviour ;

[Gravity Slam] - Slams the ground and suspends all enemies in aerial stasis within 10 meters for 8 sec. Restores 15% of Xaku's max shields for each affected enemy and grants him Aegis effect which blocks next incoming damage. Casts when enemy is within 5 meters. Has 10 sec cooldown.

  • Shield restore is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Gravity Slam range is affected by Ability Range.
  • Aerial stasis duration is not affected by mods.
  • Cooldown is not affected by mods.

[Grey Hollow] - Acolyte of Netra(Decay)

  Reveal hidden contents

Ability Behaviour ;

[Embrace of Sorrow] -  Conjures a 10 meters corrupting fissure to curse enemies. Cursed enemies receive 20% more damage and deal 20% less damage for 8 sec. Casts when there are 3+ enemies within 5 meters. Has 10 sec cooldown.

  • Vulnerability and weaken debuffs are affected by Ability Strength.
  • Embrace of Sorrow range is affected by Ability Range.
  • Debuff duration is not affected by mods.
  • Cooldown is not affected by mods.

[Red Hollow] - Judicator of Ris(Light)

  Reveal hidden contents

Ability Behaviour ;

[Luminous Beam] - Unleashes a ray of piercing light that travels up to 15 meters and deals 500 / 650 / 750 / 1,000 VoidTearIcon wVoid damage to all enemies in its path. Survivors are blinded for 8 sec. Casts when enemy is within 10 meters. Has 10 sec cooldown.

  • Luminous Beam damage is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Luminous Beam range is affected by Ability Range.
  • Blind duration is not affected by mods.
  • Cooldown is not affected by mods.

Synergy ;

  • Xata's Whisper damage buff affects Luminous Beam.
  • Number of Void Replicas acts as a damage multiplier for Luminous beam.

Apologies for my terrible image editing skills but here is the picture of how I imagined Hollow Specters to be ( think of them like Animated Guardian from Path of Exile but with visual effects ) ;

  Reveal hidden contents



TheVastUntimeModx256 TheVastUntime130xWhite
The Vast Untime
Xaku unleashes a void blast and creates a distruption field at their location with the power of Khra(Time).
Strength: 600 / 800 / 1,000 / 1,200 (VoidTearIcon w Void damage)
15 / 20 / 25 / 30% (slow)
Duration: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 s
Range: 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 m
Misc: 90% (enemy and projectile slow cap)
100% (ability duration pause)

Void blast deals 600 / 800 / 1,000 / 1,200VoidTearIcon wVoid damage, stuns enemies momentarily and creates a distruption field with 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 meters radius that lasts for 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 sec at Xaku's location.

  • Xaku becomes invulnerable and cleanses all status effects while casting this ability.
  • Void blast and stun only affects enemies that are in line of sight.
  • Destructible objects within the blast radius are always damaged regardless of line of sight from Xaku.
  • All enemies and projectiles that pass through the distruption are slowed by 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% ( capped at 90% ).
    • Slow amount is affected by Ability Strength.
    • Blast and distruption radius are affected by Ability Range.
  • The Vast Untime can be deactivated by recasting the ability.

When The Vast Untime cast, Xaku crouches in place then reels back, surges into the air and unleashes an expanding Void energy blast.

  • If  Xaku has any fragments on them, existing fragments visually detach from body and suspended in the air with Void energy tethers for the cast time. Suspended fragments return to Xaku after cast. 
  • If Hollows are active and Xaku's true form is exposed, Xaku just releases Void Blast without any fragment detach animation.

Synergies ; 

  • Xata's Whisper damage buff affects The Vast Untime.
  • Cooldowns of Hollow abilities are halved while inside distruption field.
  • Speed bonus of Xaku's true form is doubled while inside distruption field.
  • All of ability durations are frozen in time while The Vast Untime is active.
    • This includes effects of Hollow abilities ( aerial stasis, curse and blind durations ).


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I've said this on reddit, just copy-pasting my feedback here:

(TLDR at the bottom)

They're decent but they have lots of little random annoyances with their kit. It's not a "verified 6 forma installation", but I think it's sufficient enough to evaluate the frame. This is my second time typing this up as I accidentally refreshed my browser the first time lol

Here's my build for reference: (Aura) Sprint Boost, (Exilus) Power Drift, Vitality, Health Conversion, Transient Fortitude, Primed Continuity, Stretch, Augur Reach, Intensify, Primed Continuity, Stretch, Augur Reach, Intensify, Primed Flow

128% Duration, 100% Efficiency, 175% Range, 200% Strength

Not quite a "verified 6 forma installation" but I think three Forma is sufficient. Jokes aside, here are my thoughts on all the abilities:

Xata's Whisper: It's a rather meh ability. I mean, no reason to not turn it on unless you're looking to proc slash based off of a weapon's innate status chance. It's pales in comparison to other "damage abilities" that the Helminth offers. Xata's Whisper is put into the same group for being considered a damage ability as Vex Armor, Roar, Eclipse, and Amp while being nowhere near as powerful.

While we've already been over this conversation before, I do think the Void damage type and status need a buff. The Void status is situationally helpful, but at the same time can be a hindrance to getting headshots. I think Void Damage should be buffed to do +25% against all health and armor types. This would make it slightly better against armor with how armor reduces damage (for reference, when a damage type has an X% effectiveness against armor it ignores X% of the target's armor, then boosts the damage by X% afterwards). Void status should draw bullets towards an enemy's head/weakpoint and the size of the bubble should scale with each additional stack.

The base value of Xata's whisper should also be buffed to be the same as or better than Rhino's Roar. Xata's Whisper is a multiplicative after effect similar to Roar. Currently the base value of Xata's Whisper is 26%. Rhino's Roar is 50%. Xata's Whisper does not buff your team which is fine, but it should be stronger to make up for that. Things like Venom Dose, Shock Trooper, Smite Infusion only cost 25 base energy so the energy for amount of power isn't really much of a problem. While you are mobile while casting Xata's Whisper unlike Roar, it is a two handed animation that interrupts reloads which is rather annoying.

Also, Xata's Whisper has a UI bug where the duration doesn't pause on the buff bar while The Vast Untime is active.

Grasp of Lohk: Xaku's best or second best ability. Pretty solid for damage against stuff without much armor, but there's some major annoyances with the ability.

It should steal weapons at the beginning of the animation so that if you decide to invest 50 energy it doesn't just go to waste because squadmates decide to nuke everything in front of you right before the tendrils come out. Making it recastable was a good step for usability, but it still feels like you're fighting your team to get a good amount of weapons. I think that it should add on to the current amount of weapons you have when recast, rather than just resetting and grabbing new ones where you can end up worse off half of the time. It's hard to find large groups of enemies when most of the time when somebody already nuked everything with one of the many AOE nukes we have (which I really don't people for using).

The range at which the weapons fire at is too small. Most of the time, when you're in range to have the weapons fire you're also in range to just run up and melee. The base range should be increased to be the same as the grab range.

Why does the max amount of weapons stolen per cast scale with range? I understand the need for an upper cap otherwise we end up with optimization issues when you have 100+ weapons. Let's set the cap to 16, which would be the amount of weapons you can steal with max range currently (280% unless I'm forgetting about some mods). If there are lots of weapons in your range to steal, you should be able to steal them no matter how little or extra range you have.

It would also be nice to display the amount of weapons Xaku has currently (idk where, just add it to the buff bar or something)

The Lost: It's a decent set of abilities, but it's rather clunky to use.

I don't think the power of the abilities in The Lost warrant the 75 base energy cost. I think the base energy cost should be lowered to 50 to be more in line with things like Psychic Bolts.

My main problem with this set of abilities is how they are selected. Casting animations are really long for all of these abilities, especially considering how you have to cycle. The base speed of the casting animations should be increased by 25%. The time it takes to use hold-to-cast/tap to select ability carousels is too long at the moment when it comes to selecting the ability you want if it's not the one currently selected.

Honestly it's hard to think of a viable solution that makes sense so I'll toss some ideas out (might be smooth brained, I'm not on the cutting edge of UI design lol). Adding separate bindings for sub-abilities that cycle (Nourish, Quiver, Venari, Tribute, Minelayer, and The Lost) in the options menu would help. Another possibility is to change how abilities are cycled. My suggestion would be to hold the ability button, cycle abilities clockwise/counterclockwise with left and right click respectively, then the ability is cast on release (not sure if this would work well on controllers though). For example, if you had Deny selected and wanted to cast Gaze, you would hold 2, right click, release 2.

The Lost (Accuse): Decent ability, but it's really hampered by the fact that Grasp of Lohk's weapons cannot target it. Why is there a cap to the amount of enemies affected (thought we just talked about this, hm...)? I think it would be a much more compelling ability if Accused enemies took additional damage from all sources (or from Void damage) which would then be affected by power strength.

The Lost (Gaze): Solid ability, but it really should require less stats to be good.

For Xaku builds, you run 199%/200% or more power strength otherwise you're doing it wrong. Increase the base defense strip to 70% so it's in line with things like Psychic Bolts and Seeking Shiruken. It would be nice to have the option to put less strength on our builds. This is off topic, but could we also give this treatment to Frost's Avalanche? I don't even play Frost but it's kinda ridiculous that he has to have 250% power strength to get the full armor strip. It's his ultimate that costs 100 energy ffs.

I believe the range also needs a buff. When Xaku doesn't have a way to control where enemies are, this ability becomes hard to use in larger open areas or areas that aren't flat (such the Cambion Drift/Grineer Forest Tileset). It's a pretty good ability in enclosed tilesets like the Kuva Fortress but it's utility drops off in open areas. I would buff the base range to 16m.

The Lost (Deny): When I see this ability, I think of an Opticor blast that costs energy. The problem is that it really doesn't function like that. I want to snipe a Tusk Ballista on the Plains of Eidolon with this ability, but it has a limit to its range. The range should be made infinite. The range stat should instead scale the width of the beam.

Deny will barely do any damage against armored targets. If I'm spending energy to hit a single target, it should be dead or mostly dead. Especially at its current energy cost. To help with this, I think it should have an additional multiplier based on enemy level on top of the multiplier that Grasp of Lohk already gives it.

Maybe this part is a bad idea but I think it would be fun to give it infinite object punch through as well (similar to the Zenith). Imagine sniping enemies through walls when they're highlighted with the Zenith. This would also be nice so that it isn't stopped by terrain when the width of the beam is large.

Have the beam start to grow at the beginning of the cast animation (similar to the Opticor) to sell the power. The Opticor's beam has a .5m diameter (I'm trusting the Wiki on this, it's not listed in-game). Deny has a 4m diameter. Which one feels and looks more impactful? I'll give my answer, it's the Opticor.

The Vast Untime: Haha funny skeleton. It's good for pausing your abilities and you'll be in it most of the time. Pretty solid, but that's really the only thing it has going for it. The other parts don't really help that much.

The damage it provides to Void damage isn't that noticeable against armored targets. I'm pretty certain that the vulnerability to Void Damage is not a proper vulnerability, rather it just boosts Void Damage taken by 50% similar to things like Magus Destruct/Accelerant. The main difference is that this is much worse against armored targets. If it were a proper vulnerability, then the Void Damage would ignore 50% of a target's armor, then do 50% additional damage on top of that.

Evasion is an interesting mechanic but it only sometimes works, given the nature of %chance. I think that it should just be changed to work in a similar manner to Elude, but always active. If it must be Evasion, then Xaku needs a second layer of protection when they get unlucky.

The slow is a strange part of this ability and I don't exactly understand what design DE was going for here. The slow % can reach 100% unlike pretty much any other slow ability in the game. The thing is, you're not going to get it unless you have 400% power strength or more. So, are we supposed to achieve 100% slow or not? Realistically, you're not going to be using 400% power strength unless you have an arbitration buff. It would take all the power strength mods (Growing Power, Energy Conversion, Umbral Intensify, Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage, Power Drift, and Augur Secrets) to get this much strength and it's rather impractical. If we are meant to achieve a 100% slow, then it should be made an actual option to build for by increasing the base slow to 50%. I don't want to create another situation where 200% power strength is mandatory like it is for Gaze, but at the same time I'm guessing not everybody wants to freeze enemies in place when they cast The Vast Untime.

Please let us pause the timers on Helminth Abilities. If it's just a coding thing, I get it. However, at the moment it seems like an intentional design decision.

The only combination that would be "broken" not because its overpowered but rather it's griefing, Blood Altar. Vast Untime with Blood Altar could be used to stall a defense/interception wave for a really long time. Just make the enemy on the Blood Altar an ally for the time of the ability, problem solved.

Final Thoughts: The changes are good, but Xaku still feels rather clunky to use and they still have some underwhelming abilities. Mainly number tweaks would do wonders for this frame, lowering the power strength and range demands would make builds much easier and flexible. I also don't want to fight my team to get weapons for Grasp of Lohk (seriously, I'm getting some of the same kind of stress as when I play Harrow).


Xaku's solid, but feels clunky to use with a few bad abilities.

Xata's Whisper: Base buff % should either match or exceed Roar. Void damage is made +25% effective against all health/armor/shield types, Void status targets heads/weakpoints instead of torsos

Grasp of Lohk: Weapons capped at 16, this number does not increase/decease with range. Increase the range at which weapons fire to the same as the disarm range. Recasting adds on to your current amount of weapons rather than resetting

The Lost: make the ability carousel faster to cycle, reduce the base energy cost to 50, increase casting speed by 25%

The Lost (Accuse): make enemies affected targetable by Grasp of Lohk, increase damage taken by enemies and remove the cap on enemies affected

The Lost (Gaze): increase the base armor strip to 70%, increase the base range to 16m

The Lost (Deny): give the beam infinite range & punch through (for objects), beam width scales with range, additional multiplier based on enemy level

The Vast Untime: change the evasion to be like Baruuk's Elude but always active, make the 50% Void damage vulnerability a proper vulnerability, increase the base slow to 50%

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Please change Vast Untime to retain more appearance customizations.

I know the whole point of the ability is to become spooky spooky skeleton but Xaku doesn't have to stay as just a skeleton.

The ability has enough incentive (50% more dodge) for players to have 90% uptime. So Xaku is just bones for the whole mission

A good middle ground would be to make the armor pieces become ephemeral looking (ghost-y) instead of gone. Attachments and syandanas shouldn't come off

Also, void status effect is bad.

Edited by Eggs-DE-
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Good day all,

Actually I'm quite impressed with Xaku now, I remember when I first got them I was a little disappointed with a few things and I was dying all over the place, but now since the rework I am really enjoying it.

I'm using their Vast Untime a lot more now and combined with my Hunter Recovery Panzer Vulpaphyla I'm doing arbitrations and sorties

the Grasp of Lohk weapons are doing a really good job too, things are dying really fast and overall I'd say I am quite happy with Xaku

Thanks for all the hard work


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