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//l.c// - Do You Have What It Takes? (Recruitment)


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Do you think that you are brave and noble Tenno?
Do you think you have what it takes to venture far and deep though the solar rail

into the outer terminus systems?

You may be that kind of warrior, AND WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!


L.C , or Lightning Crew as full, are looking for Tenno that are not afraid of working

in a team, and venture far and beyond with their fellow clan-mates!

Always wanted a family like atmosphere, a fully equipped dojo and

an affinity for both the casual and the extreme?




-We are mostly EU based, but we accept people worldwide! 

-We do not care for mastery or such, if you are new and

 are looking for a new home, WE WILL ACCOMMODATE YOU!

-We pride ourselves for a friendly environment - no trolling (if no one has a problem with it =P) or

 bullS#&$ing others!

-Contribution is key! - if anyone needs help with something

 we are always there to help!

-A forum board for staying in touch and for promotions and events!

-Fully equipped dojo!

-4-5 Active members simultaneously!


If these suit you then message me (or post here), or visit us at http://lightningcrew.yuku.com/ and submit a request!


Your`s trully, STYXOR!

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