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What will you use to venture onto the Cambion Drift for the first time?

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Probably my boy Limbo, as per usual. My love for him might have turned love/hate thanks to... well, I'm not fond of stasis spam, but his OG, 'jump in and out of the rift' gameplay remains my preferred playstyle.


I'm not sure precisely what I'll bring with him though.. Probably a shotgun of some description though, and likely Skiajati since I'm fond of the weapon. It will probably depend on my mood at the time.

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My main girl Garuda. Or likely Xaku since I will be playing them the minute the update comes out. 

Then I will probably bring the Kuva Hind, Velox and Arca Titron.

And smeeta for new resources of course.

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Since I have a lot of platinum saved up, odds are good that I'll just get the Xaku bundle.  I'll probably use them to explore the new areas.  If I decide not to do that, then Mag, Soma Prime, Lex Prime, and Orvius, with Helios Prime to scan stuff while I shoot.  Maybe I'll help Helios out by taking the Helicor scan-hammer, since the first hour or two in a new area tend to freak it out a bit.  "Too many things to scan!"

The Helminth Segment is behind the third rank of the new syndicate.  I can't remember if there's a 24 hour cooldown on increasing rank, but that likely means that even at high MR it will be a day or three before I need to worry specifically about new resources for anything.  If there's a merchant that sells a pre-assembled Necramech I might get one of those too, it depends on how annoying it is to build them.  (I bought a random Moa from Legs, just to play around with it while I saved up all the reputation for unlocking higher ranks.)

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Now that Hilda has an augment for her 2 that makes her effective against infested as well, I'm probably going with my trusty Hildryn. As for weapons I think I'll go with my standard loadout: Opticor Vandal for things that require accuracy, Kuva Twin Stubbas for small things that need to die en masse, and Korrudo when I want to ORA ORA ORA a meatier enemy to death in a second. 

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He has slain many Eidolons and many orb mothers, now he set his course for The Cambion Drift. Bringing his trusty Corinth Prime, Kuva Seer, and The Wolf Sledge. 

He is called The Blue Chroma. Any enemy who saw him in the distance know it's already too late to beg for mercy.


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Decided on my Loadout.

Limbo Prime, as already stated. Armoured and adorned with the trophies and medals of my station (i.e. various cool cosmetics I've picked up over the years)

Komorex: because if gun don't work, use more gun.

Kuva Brakk because... I don't really focus much on secondaries so mine tend to be kinda garbage, and that's the best I got. Not ideal for K-driving, but whatever.

Skiajati, because that's just the Melee I'm comfortable with right now.

Kuva Ayanga: Because apparently more gun wasn't enough yet.

Helios Prime since I'll need scans.


And I updated my Operator fashionframe for the occasion too.



It's probably going to get replaced very quickly as there's been new Operator outfits with every previous open world and I have no reason to believe DE will be stopping. Either way, went for a Titanfall 2 Pilot aesthetic, as much as I can in Warframe, since I'm hyped for the Necramechs.


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