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Exchanging With An Npc


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Hello guys 


We know trading is being made but here's my idea.


Aside from Trading with players, let us exchange blueprints,mods,fusion cores etc etc with a npc. 


Maybe you guys can make a room for Darvo in that exchange post mentioned in livestream and let us exchange things with him via his hologram or something. Maybe this way you could put more weapons or equipments into game without adding new type's of enemies or tilesets.


For example lets say we want Gorgon. But that bp doesnt exist in market, So we go to Darvo and take a look at the list. Instead of paying with Credits, we could pay with lets say the resources or unnecessary blueprints  we got from our "System BP Hunts"  or their crafted states to Darvo and get the bp we want. 


Things darvo wants should be changed with the things we want from him.

If we want "Despair" blueprints we'll need to make up for his lost by gathering the things he wants.

If we want "Boar Prime Receiver" we're going to trade with him.


Im aware that this can be abused for getting everything we want without doing void missions or something, well DE can make it pricy for us  like 500k credits per trade and darvo should get his hands on the bp we want.


So after we gather everything he needs we pay our side of our arrangement and wait for Darvo to get our bp to us. Maybe it could take days for Darvo to find the thing we want. After he gets our item, we start crafting it normally.


This can be an alternative solution to "Grind" in a way, but anyway it may not be aswell its just an idea.


Then again its just a suggestion from a guy who's been trying to get the parts of the things he wants but fails to do so..


Im sorry for my english and please be aware that this is an suggestion. You may like it or hate it but instead of "NOOOOOOOO" come up with something constructive. Im aware of that may or may not fit to this game or maybe this can be implanted into the game in a diffrent way.


There maybe mistakes in my post, forgive me for that because im way too sleepy right now


Good night - Im Out.

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