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[New Warframe] Unsure Of Name But "scientismo"


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While the tenno within the warframes developed their abilities of that frame, a group of special Tenno scientist helped develop them. However they secretly created their own warframe, one just incase they were under attack could utilise.


This is supposed similiar to Vauban in a sense. While vauban and engineers helped create the structure of warframes the scientists gave the warframes abilities, they and the engineers also came up with the prime warframes only to be used by certain tenno.


The scientists powers/abilites of the their warframe varied depending on warframes around them

Powers: Enhance: this is where stamina, shields, health, power of other warframes abilties is increased, and half of that to any warframes in the vicinity

Radiate (this a pulse style, and lasts a short time): Dependant on what warframes are around but radiates, fear - nekros, bleeding - trinity, electrical field - volt etc


D.Beam: Variants are; electrical, fire, energised, ice, 'horn' (While halting the player) The higher damaging beam can be rotated round for a minigun kind of damage


and another one



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