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Hello! First Impressions.


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Hey everybody, I'm McDili. I like to play games, I'm sure you'd never have guessed.




So first impressions of Warframe. I effing love it. I think the combat is done very well.

I think the AI is really good, they take cover, they fill their own roles well, and they take cover!


This game is going to take up loads of my time I can already tell.


The only quirk I have with it, is that ammo drops aren't proportional. For instance 20 pistol ammo is cool, but 20 rifle ammo is a bit short. 




Anyway, I've excited to join the community here. I've been loving this game so far, and I definitely want some more people to play with. I'm playing MAG right now, grinding out the final pieces I need for Rhino and that will probably be my main frame.


Also is it just me or is the LATO a beast of a pistol or what!?


See you, Tenno!

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Please don't praise the AI and combat system. It's OK, but not good for a game meant to play for hundreds of hours.


Ammo drops are meant to be this way. Pistol being the most common.


Eh, it's about as good as shooter AI can be. They shoot and take cover, and there's synergistic group play between them as well. Like the shield osprey's vs corpus, the healing disruptors vs infested, etc. Developing AI for a shooter is actually pretty challenging, there's not much you can really do with it beyond what I mentioned. But honestly I only praise it because the last shooter I played had HORRENDOUS AI. Forgive me if I'm just a bit refreshed with Warframe haha.


It's fine if pistol ammo drops are supposed to be more common, but I'm not talking about drops. I'm talking about how much ammo you pick up in the drops, like I think it would be better if I picked up 30 rounds from rifle drops, rather than 20. That's what I mean when I say proportional.





@Thread, so I picked up the Lex pistol. I have regretted it ever since. I feel like I'm shooting compressed credits at people after throwing 50k at it.

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