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Trying to cleverly name your modulars and stuff // [clean humor preferred]

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OCD has kept me from following through (or sticking with) some of these, but from the times that I try to give Ordis a headache...:

  • KUBROW (germy sheperd Helminth Charger): With a Sickness
    • "With a Sickness is down."
  • MOA: A Taxon Titan (Attack on Titan), Lawn Moa, Robot Chicken
    • For the Ropalolyst, "Ropa Chicken"
  • RAILJACK: Getsuga Tenno (Bleach), Handsome Railjack (Borderlands), Ride of DE Valkyr (Apocalypse Now), Samu Railjack (Samurai Jack), Starfish Enterprise (Star Trek)
  • ZAW: Pointed Stick (Dehtat/Monty Python), Unladen Swallow (Dokrahm/Monty Python)
  • (UNDECIDED): Nemesis Prime, Optimus Prime
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3 minutes ago, Infirito said:

Well, Arudo would be a perfect name for a Zaw, if you're into that sort of things. 😛

Not familiar with it.

On another note, I did consider 'M.B. Apocalypse' for a zaw name (=zombie apocalypse), but folks probably wouldn't get that without explaining. I'd probably kill my joke explaining it, only for the explanation to bring it back to life.

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Kavat: Mr Smee 

Kubrows: Named for the horsemen of the apocalypse War, Famine, Pestilence, Conquest and Death.... (yes I know, that's more than four they have different names, figured I'd get away with it, And now I'm short a name.... I think I'll name it Binky.)

Moa: Gimme some 

Kitgun: Kitty 

Zaw: Carnwennan


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Pets I named:

Kubrow: Thoth, Anubis

Cats: Bastet, Vlad

Kitguns: Unkempt Harold, forgot the others, think one was Firehawk

Moa: Metal Gear Mk. II (or III, forgot number)

Amps: Sentient spooker, The Arsonist Delight

jackRail: The Cookie Jar

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Not terribly clever, but I just name my stuff after things from other games.

Kavat: Rei

Greatsword: Argetlahm

Staff: Heaven Fang Staff

Catchmoon: Moonstone Cannon

Railjack: Razgriz

And so on and so forth...

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Don't have any zaws, but my amp is named THE CRUTCH. Yes, all of them.

Kavats and kubrows are named mostly after C'tan, like me or necrons.

Helmith charger: Llandugor

Vaska: Ogdriada

Smeeta: Xunbakyr

Sunika: Trazyn

I just remembered it was supposed to be CLEVERLY named things. Oh well...

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Railjack: Demons Dont Dream

Kitguns: Prurient Mare, Punctuated Equilibrium, Serket

Zaws: Ferrox, Javlok, Scourge, Seraph, Tartarus Lamia, Harpia Cetus

Amps: Split Infinity, Orcus Rahl, Catharsis

Pets: Echo, Grok, Lintu

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Railjack: Venture Destroyer.  Loosely named after a spaceship from a game I played as a kid, once I faint similarities in both shape and seemingly size. The prefix is the same, although the original vessel was, ah... not quite as dangerous.

Kubrow: I was in a bit of a Jojo phase when I dabbled in the pet system, so I named my Kubrow and Helminth Charger after Jojo characters (Erina and Fugo respectively). Fortunately, both were relatively nice names anyway (and I'm still fond of Jojo, just not quite as significantly). If I get any more, I'll probably go for a different naming scheme, but I'm not super interested in companions.

MOA: also named after an anime, but for a very different reason. I very, very much did not like my MOA levelling it. It is flimsy, it has barely any firepower and it barely does what it's supposed to do. Overall, it's useless. So I named it 'Aqua' after Konosuba's useless blue thing. 

Kitguns: named after rocks. I'm not 100% sure why I went with rocks, but I did. Lazuli, Obsidian, and Granite.

Zaws: I haven't done things with zaws in ages and I tried way too hard with their names. I've got a few so I'm not going to name drop them all, but my Zaws have no concrete theme.

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Kavats: Cenobite, Ratchet

Kubrows: Venom (Helminth Charger if that counts), Lara Croft, Liu Kang

Amps: Sweet Tooth

kitguns: Rattleguts until it’s done (Primary), UAC EMG Sidearm

Zaws: Variola Major, Yersinia Pestis, Mjolnir, Omniwrench, 

Melees: Rip & Tear, Escherichia Coli

Secondaries: Not Forgotten, Little boy

Primary: Witherh0ard

Railjack: Kadingir Sanctum 

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Zaws are named Ranna, Mosrael, Dyrim, Belgaer, Saraneth.  Kibeth is my main Kubrow and Astarael is Galatine Prime

Other names:

Kubrow's ~ Delphi, Helia, Jager, Shadow

Helmith Charger ~ Mucor

Kavats ~ Katika, Cica

MOAs ~ Lord Moabatten, Moaconstricta, Mazzranche

Railjack ~ Arcturus


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I have.

A peice of found cheese (rattleguts pistol)

Fishymcstabface (plague polearm zaw)

Magical Ostrich Assistant (a MOA, get it?)

Waterhose of lettuce (an amp)



To name the ones i can remember.


Its been a few months since i last played.. i know i have several more equally as nonsensically named things.

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