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New Type Of Melee Attack. (E While Aiming/zoomed.)


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Just a way to add more variety to melee combat.


Each weapon would get a new melee strike that is used by executing a melee attack while aiming down sights.

These attacks could introduce new mechanics to Warframe to further increase the uniqueness of weapons. (Like new effects aside from ragdoll, stagger, or armor ignore.)

There could potentially be short cooldowns for such attacks, to avoid especially useful ones becoming the main attack method.



ORTHOS delivers an upward slash, lifting the enemy in the air, knocking them down.


FRAGOR whacks the enemy with the end of the handle for a quick staggering blow.


FURAX delivers 2 swift gut punches.


KOGAKE would unleash a powerful knee jab, leaving the enemy in a daze. (Essentially disarming them temporarily.)

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