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will taking wisp get me wisps?

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32 minutes ago, (PS4)Shelneroth said:

You can buy wisps with quills rep too.

would rather do this with little duck since i dont enjoy eidolons :x

also rank is too low, and it's aperrently 2000 for 1 wisp?

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If you don't like eidolons it is perfect, there are twice more spawns during night. Check an online map for the route, you'll get the hang of it pretty fast. 60m radar is enough if you fly low enough.

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If you want wisps, get an Itzal and loot radar, and fly around the lakes and rivers. Big lake first, both shores, then up the river/waterfalls, east to the next set of lakes, back down south and around. Or you can do it clockwise.

Fly the route, hit 3 if you see a resource marker on the shore, reset and repeat.

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