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Railjack - Pulse Turbine final door failed to open

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This is stupid. I've just lost everything specific to Railjack progress because that stupid bloody door bug is back. The one where the doors just...don't open. I took a screenshot of it, but honestly, it's not going to tell you anything I'm not right here - I did the mission, should have been able to complete it, was not, because the last door to the Pulse Turbine Radar Array decided not to open, despite being green and having the objective marker on the other side of it. There was no indication that it should be locked.

Because of this, I've lost everything I should've gained from that mission. "Just run it again!"
Tried that mission twice now and both times there's been some wonky issue that's kept me from completing it.

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This bug actually infuriates me. I just ran into it. Is there any way to get the resources from my mission if I screenshot them, I wonder? I found a munitions vortex avionic that I really wanted to keep...

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Ran into this myself for the third time today. Honestly a bit surprised this bug still existed since it's been reported on so much (quick search for "Pulse Turbine" on this forum shows just how common it is).

If a Pulse Turbine exist on the map I recommend beelining for it just to make sure the mission is possible to complete. Sucks losing everything because that edgy AI apparently jettisons everything if we don't follow orders.

Not sure if the recent operator no-clip bug (client only) can be used to bypass the door, using one bug to fix another would be hilarious.

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