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How do you create tennogen on blender

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I've never attempted tennogen myself, but I have a little experience with 3D art.

Assuming you're a beginner: There are a lot of great tools out there (Blender is awesome) but there's no "easy" way to make 3D art. If this is your first time sculpting/texturing/re-topologizing/whatever else, you're not going to get results like the awesome artists in this community, even if you use the same tools and follow the same process. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try! My advice to you is to stop looking for an easy path forward and just start going down the hard path, slow and steady.

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You need to learn how to make a 3d model from start to finish first then. When you try to look for a shortcut before even knowing the basics you're setting yourself up for frustration and failure my friend... It's by no means an easy task.

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