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The Riven Sliver Problem and Its Possible Solution.

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Hi there.
This is just a quick tip for DE to improve on the riven/sliver system and make it into an actuall resource to farm on a more constant basis.

1- Make sorties give us 10 slivers instead of a full riven.
2- Make the weekly trade into a daily one or even better 2 trades for rivens a day.
3- Give us the option to dissolve Rivens into slivers.

Changing Rivens in sorties to Slivers would solve the Cap and slot problem that DE seems to have when it comes down to servers and stuff.
Changing the trade for a daily one would still provides us with a riven a day if we got the Slivers, also would make possible to activelly farm a riven a day in Arbitrations and Steel path.
Dissolving rivens into 10 slivers each would make rivens into a renewable resource that we can work better as a morphing resource than a static one, also would provide people that do not want to transmutate more than 1 riven into a option, bacause not everyone got the slots or want to get rid of more than 1 riven for whatever reason, so give them the option to do so.

This is it basically, a small idea that would improve the quality of a part of the game. dont requires much in terms of coding also since most of the things are already there and this idea just uses the resources already present in the game.

Thank you for your time and have a nice Week.

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If rivens could dissolve I'd rather see 50% Kuva return for roll count (Provided it wasn't traded or that would be a mess), but getting 10 slivers for another riven roll is bad design.

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Being able to break rivens down into sliver in order to store more of them, saving server space, is an ingenious idea, I think. A nice QoL change too.

A system like this would most likely need to be accompanied by change in trade amounts and changes in drop rates. I say this because breaking down a riven into 10 slivers would essentially let you use your riven trades as free transmutations. 

I'd make 4 slivers = 1 riven. Then, as a replacement for riven transmutation, let players break rivens down into single slivers (same rate 4:1). I would then reduce sliver drop rates to 40% of their current drop rate. DE might want to reduce slivers in player inventories down to 40% also.

Sorties could keep the same drop rates for rivens really, but they could also get creative by removing rivens from the drop table all together - and instead giving us a guaranteed sliver every sortie. More consistent that way.

Kuva relics would need to have slivers as the gold reward instead, since you only need 4 slivers now. This would make kuva fissure radshares an somewhat effective riven farm.

As for a trade cap? 1 a day sounds okay to me. They could tie it to MR too. Maybe 1 a week, plus 1 for every 5 MR. Just a thought.

Sorry for typing so much, I like this idea!

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