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Death Animations Look Awfull


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the death animations look really bad.


the enemies should just ragdoll or do like in GTA, hallf-ragdoll, half-animation.


it looks even worse when you shoot at them and you dismember the arm (with bullets, which looks silly) which holds their gun, and the gun floats as if the enemy still had an arm, and to wrap it up, you where´t even shooting that arm.


here are a few examples showcased by a classy loki:













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Of course not.  We need to show every one here just how stupid we can behave, that'll show DE we're worth making this game.


As for the main topic, there are no death animations.  It's just ragdoll.

There most certainly are death animations. When Grineer get zapped and stand there in a Christ-y pose, shaking. When Infested flail around while dying from fire, that sort of thing.

It's not only ragdoll. But the death animations could use some revamping.

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