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Heart of Deimos: Update 29

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On 2020-08-25 at 4:57 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:



Blazing Pillage

Drains 50 Energy instead of 50 Shield.

How about the augment, since it literraly is going to useless, cause ir just procs the heat status in enemies who's getting hit from Heaven

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So far, I will say there are a lot of things I like in this update, I like the daily standing increase (a larger increase or removing of the daily cap would have been better, but I can understand why it's there), the open world of Deimos is nice, I just got the Helminth segment last night so it's still too early to tell with that but I like it conceptually, I like the token system from the perspective of being able to "stockpile" standing from bounties, etc., but the grind to get some of those tokens is still an issue, and especially in cases where you could already "stockpile standing" in the previous open worlds, namely mining and fishing.

The Necraloid grind is completely insufferable. Unless I'm missing something, the only way to get the matrices for standing and ranking up is killing Necramechs in the vaults because DE "fixed" getting drops from destroying those you can take over on the surface, correct? The vaults are long, and DE has made them longer, the Necramechs certainly aren't quick fights (and they're hitboxes seem off, I don't know if that's just me), they don't seem to drop many matrices at a time (or is that just my bad RNG?) and they don't consistently drop broken Necramech parts either. In fact, the only broken Necramech parts I've gotten were from the surface Necramechs before the fix. To top it off, to get the higher level matrices, you have to do the higher tier vaults, with the same issues, just increased difficulty, all within the same Fass/Vome cycle or it resets. This is all bad and quite frankly, the Necramechs don't seem worth it at this point.  

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Pharaoh Predasite is just not worth picking up
If you dont mind that only spore cloud is useful - thats totally fine, pharaoh looks awesome, go on, make one for yourself

but this second ability is a joke
pharaoh cant even hit targets with it
tentacles doesnt even try to grab nearby enemies, at all

and when you compare pharaoh to medjay, medjay easily more useful than pharaoh in terms of his abilities
mini-AOE-CC with finisher opening + dealing finisher damage to a single target is far more useful in my opinion than spore cloud (btw fairly good) and that tentacle thing which doesnt cling and doesnt hit at all (ty for viral procs atleast)

vizier is also decent, heal + blind that locks single target

do something to pharaoh pls, this is just sad

still waiting fix for necramech XP bug

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В 26.08.2020 в 00:57, [DE]Rebecca сказал:

Daily Standing Cap Changes:
Daily Standing Cap changes have been made to grant a higher cap at each Mastery Rank. Upon starting Warframe at MR0, your Daily Standing Cap will start at 8500 and increase at more gradual increments per Mastery Rank. You will also now have access to a larger Daily Standing Cap at each Mastery Rank than in the previous system!  This will take effect next Daily Reset.

Mastery Rank Standing Cap






Surprisingly and pleasantly, thank you. 😃e9qsohAYvM8.jpgJUZ2QmpO_DM.jpgulelEZUfXLU.jpg

Edited by Skynat
Added a screenshot.
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Ok. Heart of Deimons...

I want to congratulate DE, you guys managed to create clearly hostile open world area. When i saw a human skull on some rock i was really impressed by that fact. Day/Night cycle change is fun, introduction of Necramech has been amazing.

ok by the list

1) IsoVaults, these are fun. Although i would prefer if T2/T3 would be more obvious to trigger. Secret rooms are nice addition to the bounty.

2) Necramechs. Although it makes a very nice first impression, overall these vehicles are useless for all missions except Isovaults. Necramechs are too slow for normal runs and they are too slow for open world areas in general. I will probably deploy a necramech against the Orb, but i doubt that would be a good call. In my books, necramechs fall into K-drive category, almost useless. Auto-cannon and heavy-flammer are cute though.

3) pets. Reskinned kubrows and kavats. Nothing to see here, just endure it and move on.

4) Entrati family... Entropy family? Anyway, this song is so sad, that i want to dance. I still prefer Konzu and Hok.

5) Requim room... that was interesting, especially the kuva part.

6) Xaku... ehhhhh... Maybe some players would enjoy playing it, but that frame is not my cup of tea. I run Mag with few exceptions, and Xaku does not suit for any of those exceptions.

7) Tokens system. a clan member said "it's the same as on Fortuna" except it's not. It's far worse and more time consuming for no real reason, except for keep players on Deimos longer.

8) Helminth system... Ok i put a roar on my Trinity, and my Trinity hunts Eidolons... and that's about it. All these builds players can make with that system are fun, but i still doubt if it's really needed. I miss my Pull on my Mag, so i will swap it back when i'm done with maxing out some stuff.


Overall i enjoy Deimos, sadly the amount of bugs made it less enjoyable. Still have to max out that necramech and few pets, waiting for infested modular weapons and boss fights.

Thanks DE.

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