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Deimos Supporter Swarm Pack question/issue

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I purchased the Deimos Supporter Swarm Pack, and it lists that it comes with all items of the above plans now. 

I checked and I got the skins and the syandana but I did not get the 570 Plat from The Hive listing. To clarify I did get the 1200 from the Swarm listing as it reads it would appear that you're supposed to get 1770 Platinum, 570 from hive Plus 1200 from swarm for a total of the 1770 is my math incorrect

Is that intended? If so why

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I am also curious about this. From the eShop listing I could definitely see how some would interpret it as 1,770 total platinum.

Pardon the camera shot, unable to take a direct capture from the eShop screen, but to be clear this is what we are seeing:




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I also purchased the Deimos Supporter Swarm Pack but for me not all armor parts are present. I got the Paradiso leg parts but not the other parts. I dont know why.


I checked later. I noticed that the armor parts are there but under the porta images.


Hope it is usefull and could be corrected with the true images.

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