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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.1

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2 minutes ago, Vahnstahd said:

Fish aren't giving correct resources when cut, you randomly get nothing on certain parts.

As this is a widespread issue, I'm pretty positive it'll be fixed today and we'll be reimbursed (hopefully). They should have logs of some kind showing what fish we've obtained. At best, we'll get credited. At worst, they'll give everyone a particular amount of the missing items. It's happened before and that's usually what they do.

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8 hours ago, MouadSaqui said:

what ??? This update is by far the best update DE ever dropped in the last 2 years ! What are you talking about, I managed to finish the main quest without any bugs ! I don't understand this community anymore...... you don't deserve to play this game ! 

PS: I am no white knight, You can go see my posts of roasting DE 

The update works pretty well and the token system i find pretty good. i can farm however long i want with my lower MR friend without having to stop because of a dumb daily cap. 
We can turn in how many we're allowed for the day and just continue without loosing any progress

They mentioned that they wanted something more compact, and sometthing they were able to release a little faster than fortuna and plains which they did.

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I have one big complaint. Mining is extremely hard to do. The visual markers just aren't noticeable enough when they exist at all. I've looked thoroughly and simply cant find some of the nodes my scanner is telling me is right there. I think the marker are being covered up by other parts of the map.

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9 hours ago, Voltage said:

Thank you for the hotfix.

Look, I understand Covid-19 has affected you guys immensely as a company. I also understand The Old Blood, Empyrean, and Scarlet Spear were not received well. However, this update is just very poor and an untested mess.

  • Tokens as a whole remove the freedom of gaining standing and ranking up without being forced to do side activities that just aren't Warframe. They should be completely removed, and standing should just be rewarded for various activity participation. Players should be able to do what they want, not pigeon-holed as I previously stated.
  • Bounties have too many objectives that are just "Do this Mobile Defense for X minutes".
  • Deimos is very shallow and just worse to play compared to Fortuna or Plains of Eidolon.
  • Mechs have Stamina, something removed in 2015, and no good parkour/movement. This feels like a gutted Warframe that just isn't fun. 

This update should have been delayed, and properly play-tested. The rank-up problem on the first day for the Neutral rank is absolutely horrid and shows how little things were considered/tested. There was no reason to reinvent the wheel, and Fortuna/Plains have plenty of evidence on what to copy and what not to. I appreciate the hard work put into this update, but it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

Hey Meg/DE,

I started after 29.0.1, so some of the bugs others have talked about were already resolved by the time I logged in.

I'm very pleased! The visuals are beautiful, the new characters are enjoyable, and my first necromech fight was a real challenge!

Do not agree that Deimos is 'just worse to play' than PoE and the the Vallis. I mean 'just worse to play' is almost meaningless. I've had blast playing this evening and haven't hit any bugs at all. Very smooth in terms of both gameplay and rendering/fps. 

I love the vertical element! After a while going up and down tunnels might get a little old (or not, who can say on day one), but it's so much different from just skimming across the Vallis on a kdrive or shooting across the Plains in an archwing. I love it. 

Using the mech to essentially give us a new, /very/ different frame was a fun idea. Idk yet if we'll be able to take them off world, but there could be some fun applications there. Maybe an Umbra-esque take on mechs would be interesting before all's said and done. Could even tie the functionality to an expendable item -- toss a whateveryouwanttocallit out and get 60 seconds of your mech acting like an umbra or spectre. 

My first time fighting warframe v mech was a real challenge that I didn't win. That's a darn welcome thing in Warframe -- especially for vets who are ridiculously OP in almost all conventional gameplay modes.

Agree with what some have said on the verticality presenting some problems for radar mods. This is particularly unhelpful when in archwing since it's hard to tell if what you're seeing on radar is on the surface just below you or several meters below the surface. 

Thanks for the hard work and NEW LORE! I'm enjoying puzzling over the relationship between the liches and (what we now know are) the Entrati words key to vanquishing them. 

My one suggestion on new content going forward is to consider adding more lore. Everyone else might blast me for this, but I'd honestly be /very/ content with smaller batches of new content if you packed more lore in each new chapter. And I think it might be easier to overlook some frustrating bugs if we had more emotion tethering us to the Warframe universe. Release a buggy new game in a new universe I'm not attached to and that's a recipe for a Steam refund. Release a buggy update to a game I'm emotionally invested in (and chock that update with new material that further tethers me and makes me insatiably curious about what lore I'll learn next), and I'll keep coming back because I know it will get better and I want the rest of that lore. And I think with DE that's usually the case -- you guys /are/ committed to getting it better when things don't run the way they should. 

And finally, everyone needs to remember that despite many of us spending a lot of money on Warframe, it's ultimately a free game. And we who spend money end up spending pennies per hour of Warframe entertainment. Go to the movies and you'll spend $15/hour. Even when releases are buggy, we're getting the deal of a lifetime.

Thanks, DE! 

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It is nice to see that the focus is rather on more "starter packs" then actual content or less bugs on start.

Good one DE, you are officialy every AAA company like others, Trailers not showing real gameplay, epic cinematics not reflecting what the game is, DLC packs wcich Prime Acces was ok so far but now becomes more and more with Deimos Pack, Starter Pack, and so on, things you NOT can farm.

I always said i love how you try new things but you reached a new low for me with this update. I am used ot bugs or unfinished things but you repeat your own mistakes over and over, not evolving your game with what oyu have, just copy paste your open world stuff and not evolve around things you have and change things or let it grow in a postiive way.

While bugs like conservation still occur with birds not falling after stunning or enemies still fall trough maps and hinder bounty progression, etc. But sure copy that on the next big empty map, the mechs are outdated mechanics and another gimmick we will NOT see in future updates anymore, just like many other things.

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@[DE]Megan Sorry for pinging you!

there's a progression-blocking bug in the Entrati family. the first rank requires three spinal cord thinguies that you get from fishing. However, cutting fish is NOT giving any loot. I double checked. in two fishing trips, and after cutting open ALL my captured fish, everything was simply not added to my inventory. until this is addressed it is impossible to climb the ranks!

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51 minutes ago, Thicondrius said:

still no fix for vault door loked? can't finish quest and get access to bounty vendor etc ... 

I have  the same issue,  before and after the hotfix.

Tried restarting the game, going back to orbiter, everything there is to try from my point.

Cant progress because of this.


Happens when going back to the vault in a mech,

second tunnel doors wont open.

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hace 7 horas, zipilgrim dijo:

Your post is hilarious. People are raging because there's a bug that prevents going above rank 0. Which incidentally locks out all of the new weapons, helminth system and mechs that you just can't wait to get your hands on.

Well guess what, you're going to have to wait until all those raging people get vindicated. Ironic really.

Dude I didn't even mentioned bugs in my comment, obviously if there's a bug you have to notify it, I was talking about the guy raging about the stamina of the mechs.

Maybe you quoted the wrong comment, idk.

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Xaku's survivability is so miserable the 75% dodge chance may look good on paper but if you get hit 1 shot is enough to take her out on high lvl so her 4th didn't really help about the survivability or yeah it didn't kill you in one shot but then you got status proc like bleed poison or gas you're pretty much dead. BTW why do you have a duration based ability with draining function. and the effect of 4th is not an aura so if I want to apply more void dmg on target and slow I have to recast the ability and that moment that I close I got one shot. well the other skill is fine but buff or change 4th a bit

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Having trouble figuring out where to get Damaged Necramech Casing + other dmgd mech parts (not the dmgd mech weapon parts, they are on the Iso Vault drop table). I presume they drop from mechs but I've been farming all day and not seen one.

Also I didn't see the Voidrig Mech and the Mausolon in the Profile>Equipment tab, although the Cortege is there. Was this an oversight or will these items not gain rank/mastery?

Overall I am enjoying the update, some expected bugs but nothing that really killed my joy on Day One.

e: also Operators should be able to ride k-drives. Ventkids do it and they ain't even magical. Weapons while riding is a big improvement though.
e2: Please reduce the intense RED filter that applies while Loki is invisible. It's already bad on PoE where everything turns super ORANGE but with the color palette of Deimos, it's so bad that it washes out detail of your surroundings, making everything a flat, intense RED. Especially in the caves. It's too much, by far. Try it and see.


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Sadly this hotfix has added a hard progression stopper because cutting the fish for the last remaining material for the first rankup no longer awards that material despite it showing up on the rewards screen:


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