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Maybe... I Have A Solution To Make Ember Shine Once Again..


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The idea is to make a worst warframe ever! even worse than ember!

Lets give her/him a same stat as ember has (it already sucks tho) and some of not-so-useful abilities, i. e.:

1. Punch.
Deals 75 / 125 / 175 / 200 ignoring armor damages on melee range

2. Heavy Stance.
Make a damage and armor increase, for 7 / 12 / 15 / 20 seconds


3. Karma

Consume Power to gain Health (50% amount of consumed Power will become Health)


4. Aura Blast.

Deals very high area damage overtime and sacrifices movement speed by 90% while this ability is being used.

Nope..  It's still good, how about..

1. Pose
Deals no damage, but cool animation *pose*

2. Sleep
Regen health, but sacrifices movement speed by 100% plus increase aggro


3. Daydreaming

No effect, except it drains power. Still, cool animation

4. Runaway
Abort mission, leaving your teammates behind


Phew, and viola! Ember may shine once again!


okay this is stupid, Ember sucks, and she cant be helped... ._.

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I feel like thses should be some "generic" skills. DE has confirmed (yet to act on) secondary skills, and a while back there was a small following for generic skills that are usable by all frames



super jump


shuriken trow


slash dash (for light frame)


Charge (for heavy)



thoose should be allready in the list of

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