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I Would Love To Know Where An Invite Is Taking Me Before I Accept...


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There are times where out of the blue someone will invite me to a mission, and perhaps I was recruiting earlier so I just accept - and I am totally not prepared or interested - or might not even need to go on that particular mission. Now one would think - "Well, you can see that once you are in whatever area that is just before the mission starts..." Well sure you can - but depending on if the other players have already hit the play button - you might have 0 seconds to react, and consequently are immediately sucked into this unwanted mission. By that time, you don't want to be rude to a person who invited you thinking you might benefit or feeling it was a friendly gesture - you stick it out.


It would greatly help us if we knew what mission these invites were taking us to BEFORE we accept them. Simply stating "JustOneMoreSHot has invited you to a mission" and having us accept blindly on that information is unproductive irritating and downright infuriating at times. I just recently accepted an invite and I had a dragon key on - I had no time to remove the dragon key, much less back out or even read the mission description. As soon as I accepted the next screen loaded and instantaneously the sucking sound came up and pulled me into the mission. There should be some checkpoints before getting sucked into the mission like that. My suggestions are:


1) Put the mission info on the invite button.




2) Give a new invite at least 20 REAL seconds before mission starts - allowing them to back out before getting pulled into the mission.

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