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Free Despair With Grand Masters Founders Pack?


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so as you can see from this image, i have two despair. the interesting thing is, i only made ONE pair.


Here is precisely what happened, in order.


1: Had the Despair BP in my foundry for months, unmade.

2: Made my despair to replace my kunai.

3. Replaced kunai with despair.

4: sold kunai(after removing all mods)

5. Equipped despair.

6. Bought Grand Master Founders.

7. Found Unranked Despair in my inventory.


what the hell?

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might as well. if only i could make twin despair, but thats kinda pointless considering the weapon........

well it is a "dual despair" if you look at how they throw it xD

If they really made that that would be 10 in each hand, all in all its a "20" magazine capacity, that would be overkill xD

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lol i've had that water mark so long i dont even notice it anymore. no need to really pay or do anything, as there is no hindrance to my OS or machine. so, why pay 35 bucks to get rid of a water mark i dont notice anymore

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