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Conclave Idea: Random Mobs!


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Okay, so I think this might conclave a little more interesting instead of people just sitting on top of buildings with Dreads and Lankas or running around spamming stunlocks and whatnot:  enemy mobs spawn in the conclave!  The faction changes depending on which map you're playing, i.e. Corpus in Europa and Grineer in Phobos and all that.  That way, not only do you have to fight the opposing players, but you have to fight random mobs too.  This will also make it harder to sneak around without being noticed, as you'll get attacked if you don't fight back and people would be able to find you.  Of course they'd probably have to make the maps a little bit bigger etc.


On the topic of stealth, Shade, Invisibility, etc. don't do anything so other players can see you still; that might be fixed.

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