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Wind/air Based Warframe


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Idea a friend and I thought of. A Warframe that can manipulate air pressures and particles.


Some ability concepts.


Vacuum wave: a mobile pocket of airlessness forms that forces air out of the way, resulting in a cataclysmic blast that travels down range, knocking everything out of the way. Basically something like most DPS ranged Warframe abilities, low damage but knocks down enemies. Other concept is it's a cylinder of airlessness projected in front that does damage and pulls all enemies into a straight line.


Dust Devil: Dust and debris particles are whipped up, obscuring enemy vision. Causes enemies to become less accurate.


Clean Sweep: sucks in all drops in the room to one convenient location. Very low cost.


Maelstrom: creates a vortex of wind centered around itself that sucks enemies in and deals damage over time while the enemies are air born.


these are just concepts so no numbers have been thrown around yet. tell me if you like the concept.

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I'd prefer for the wind/air frame to be a mobility based frame. Because we lack a dedicated mobility frame. Some could argue the case for loki, or maybe nova, but they are somewhat limited in their mobility. Nova can only do straight lines, and loki requires a target. 


I propose abilities like these.


1. Airwave: Jet (I dunno, kinda cool name, play on the mobile concept) produces a stream of fast moving wind in front of him, that he sustains for as long as he holds down 1. He can move/aim while firing this. The wave knocks down enemies and deals light damage, allies that move in the direction of the stream gain an increase in speed, and jump height. After he releases the current remains for X seconds.  Increasing this ability's level boosts length, and duration of the stream, but not damage. Costs 5 energy per second, max 5 seconds.


2. Updraft: Jet creates an AoE zone of ascending air, enemies in this area are held aloft, but can be moved around by explosions and melee, they aren't static. Allies in this zone jump dramatically higher, and are resistant to knockdown.


3. Airdash: Jet rapidly moves in the direction you are aiming, though he is not limited to horizontal directions, enemies in his path are blasted out of the way for moderate damage. They can do damage to other enemies they contact as well. 


4. Icarus (Name subject to change) Jet gains the power of temporary flight, allowing him to move in any direction including vertically for 10/20/30 seconds. During this time his melee attacks stagger enemies 100% of the time. He can use his other abilities while flying. Crouch to plummet, release to take flight again. 


I imagine him as a squishy frame with a similar role to loki, mainly support. Loki relies on invisibility to remain alive, Jet buffets enemies with gales of wind. Loki disarms huge quantities of enemies, Jet knocks them all off a cliff. Used in tandem they can reach areas no other frame(s) can. 


I feel kinda bad now for dumping my ideas in someone else's thread. 

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