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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.2


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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.2

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!


  • Infested Fish within the Cambion Drift are now always guaranteed to provide their respective Fish parts when cut! Descriptions of Fish parts now also include exact Fish source information.
    • The RNG behind Fish parts did not sit right based on player feedback, and we agree. Our intentions didn’t outweigh the value in this case.


  • The Conservation Entrati member now sells a Tranq Rifle for those who have not yet acquired one from Fortuna.
  • Add a ‘View Cinematic’ button for Awakening in the Quest Codex section! This allows you to view the opening cinematic without going into the full tutorial. 
  • Added Xaku Blueprint to Cephalon Simaris Offerings for those who have completed the Heart of Deimos Quest.  
  • Reduced the Necramech Storm Shroud ability damage immunity from 1 to .8. This ability now functions similar to Iron Skin.  
  • Increased the Necramech Reach Mod base Melee Range from +0.17 to +0.25.
  • Improvements towards the Necralisk to Cambion Drift hallway trigger placement, so players may walk up to the door without leaving the loading trigger.
    • This also fixes misleading size of extraction zone radius on minimap.
  • Mining veins now have a UI marker present when the Cutter/Drill is equipped and you’re close to it.
  • Improvements to Mining FX/materials in the Cambion Drift to improve visibility.
  • Improvements towards different Matchmaking scenarios within Deimos (join-in-progress, join from a Necralisk, join from Cambion Drift, etc).
  • Slight FX tweaks to the Deimos node in the Shar Chart.


  • Fixes towards Town, Relay, and Dojo server stability and performance.
  • Fixed a Heart of Deimos Quest progression stop due to an inability to swap back to the Omni repair tool when it’s required.
  • Fixed a crash if you died during mission 3 of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a crash when joining a Cambion Drift mission in progress and the player is in a Wyrm Residue area.
  • Fixed a crash when Transferring into a Necramech out on the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a crash when inspecting the Quassus’ stats in the Mission Progress screen while in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you were in a Necramech after a Host migration. 
  • Fixed a crash when fighting a Necramech in the Isolation Bounty.
  • Fixed numerous crashes related to interacting with Reactive Crystals. 
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to open the Gear Wheel after mounting a K-Drive.
  • More fixes towards a tunnel door not opening in the Necramech training mission of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a rampant script error that prevented Conservation from triggering in certain spots in Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed Jahu Reactive Crystals spitting out Resources every time you Transfer in/out of Operator mode
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Isolation Vault Bounties giving a reward of any rarity for all 3 difficulty tiers. Now they correctly give Common at tier 1, Uncommon at tier 2, and Rare at tier 3.
  • Fixed Necramech’s not picking up things like Energy and Mods.
  • More fixes towards dying in a Necramech resulting in your Operator being invisible and invincible. 
  • Fixed the Fishing Spear not being given back if you died during the Fishing mission of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed Wyrm Residue spawning inside of inaccessible locations during the 'Collect Worm Bait' phase of a Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed objective waypoints not updating properly during the Necramech training mission of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed inability to use your Vome Residue/Fass Residue to craft Mutagen/Antigen Blueprints.
  • Fixed Refined Bapholite Blueprint requiring Adramalium instead of raw Bapholite.
  • Fixed being able to Transference into an invisible Warframe during the "Confront Umbra" stage of The Sacrifice.
  • More fixes towards ability to start Bounties during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed Vome Residue areas Reviving players (not intended!).
  • Fixed cases of the Relay/Town Chat channel not disappearing upon leaving said Relay/Town.
  • Fixed missing Vulpaphyla and Predasite Precept Mods from the Codex.
  • Fixed Clients sometimes not seeing the Purifier aura FX.
  • Fixed all squadmates getting the UI tips for the Necramech’s Necraweb ability when one player is using it. 
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Excavator objective not updating based on the number of players after a Host migration occurred. 
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Excavator UI disappearing after a Host migration.
  • Fixed a momentary black screen when loading into the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed players receiving progress towards Orb Vallis "Bounty Hunter" Challenge when finishing Cambion Drift Bounties.
  • Fixed Maturing a Pet through the Arsenal not refreshing the Arsenal, allowing for a 2nd failed Mature attempt.
  • Fixed some Deimos enemies having the wrong Health and Armor types.
  • Fixed inability to Chat link the Mausolon. 
  • Fixed Otak not spinning around when Loid is talking when speaking to him at his Mining spot.
  • Fixed music ducking Loid/Otak switch sounds completely.
  • More fixes towards missing Conservation Transmissions.
  • Fixed missing VO line when interacting with the Fishing Entrati member with no Fish in your Inventory.
  • Fixed two cases of Cambion Drift Bounty bonus objective UI appearing incorrectly. As reported here.
  • Fixed ability to use Emote Hotkeys when in situations that Gear Hotkeys are disabled.
  • Fixed getting a blank screen when attempting to Cut/Provide Fish to a vendor but you don’t have any eligible Fish for that node (ie Fortuna Fish at the Cetus Fish vendor, etc).
  • Fixed Hydroid Rakkam Kraken not having its deluxe Skin applied during Undertow.
  • Fixed The Steel Path Deimos Trophy not matching the FX of the actual Deimos node.
  • Fixed incorrect Fishing Trophy diorama in Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed some Blueprint component text overlapping.
  • Fixed a Host migration triggering a script error when encountering a puzzle in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred at the beginning of the Necramech training mission of the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a script error during the Corpus survivor Bounty in Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed a script error when activating an Eidolon Hunt after a Host migration has occurred.
  • Fixed a script error when a Host migration occurs during Cambion Drift 'Lure the Assassination Target' Bounty. 
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you immediately took out a Fishing Spear upon entering Cambion Drift from Necralisk.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when a Fish died while you were successfully catching a different one. 
  • Fixed a script error when a Fish survived damage after you died and Revived. 
  • Fixed a script error when initiating a K-Drive Race in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed script errors that could occur if you died during the Fass/Vome fight sequence.
  • Fixed a script error when a Jugulus dies.
  • Fixed a script error when a Leaping Thrasher dies.
  • Fixed a script error related to Venari. 
  • Fixed a script error when casting Xaku’s Accuse ability.
  • Fixed crazy decimals on the Survival Instinct and Sly Devolution Mod descriptions.
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Thank you for the hotfix.

Please reconsider the Token mechanic as it's annoying to be forced into conservation for progression.

Please fix the "Upload Data bounty" bonus objective. It doesn't seem to work. There's no information on how it works so I don't know what to say...

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Thank you for the fish fix and the mining UI change.unknown.png

Can we now do multiple isolation vault runs?
Last time you couldn't do it again if the vault has already been open in a previous run.

Edit: nvm cuting fishes isn't fixed...
Cutting 2 fish:



isn't worth the same as cutting 1 fish:



So, do I have to cut each fish on its own to get the most out of them???

Edit2: Ok, i got it, you can stop messaging me. It's "just" an UI bug. But still kinda annoying

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Thanks for the hotfix.

Reminder that wall running (as shown in the new Awakening cinematic) looks a hell of a lot cooler than wall hopping we got as part of Parkour 2.0

Would be great if you could implement that sweet wall running animation back while also keeping the fluidity we got from upgrading from Parkour 1.0 to 2.0,

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Please fix Khora Urushu's broken energy color regions, Venari's broken customization UI, and clan sigils not rendering on operators.

What it SHOULD look like:


What it immediately reverts to outside of the arsenal:


And then there's this!


Oh and also pls make Titania and Wisp continue to float while aiming. pls.

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