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Reducing Lag



I've had several complaints about severe lag when I host games. I know how bad it can suck to have to deal with that so I'd like to know what I could do to help reduce it. Is it likely a hardware issue? Would reducing my settings help in that case? Or is it likely an issue with my internet service that getting a faster service package might help? I have my computer set to the DMZ on my router, which I believe eliminates the need for port forwarding and such, but if not I can set that up.


Doing a couple speed tests seems to indicate an almost non-existant upload speed (0.1 mbps), perhaps that's the issue? What might be interfering with that?

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It's recommended to have at least one or two MB/s upload speed (I've been told, but higher is always better) to be able to host decently, but it also depends on how far away the people connecting to you are. The lag issues that clients experience with you are due to your very low upload speed, so lowering your graphics won't help it.


Try checking with your ISP to see if you're getting the upload speed that you're paying for. If you are and you can afford a higher package that would meet a good upload speed requirement, that would likely fix the problem.

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i got my uploads higher. (at least for me) I hope it works for you. I went from 1.2 MBPS to 1.5MBPS


link http://answers.yahoo...02122527AA7739r


copy paste


1. go to run
2. type gpedit.msc and click ok
3. go to Administrative Templates - Network - Qos packet schedule
4. double click on Limit reservable bandwidth
5. click enabled
6. change 20 to 0
7. click ok
8. restart computer
9. ( or another place)  go to http://www.ip-detail...internet-speed…
10. test your upload and downlod speed
11. compare before and after








click on that. and go find out what your upload is.



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