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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.3


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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.3

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

Isolation Vault Bounty Changes & Fixes:

  • Updated the Cambion Drift Isolation Vault Bounty description to hint at clearing multiple Vaults in the same session for better rewards.
    • d3dc4e59be820363a9d97cf8fb4bee15.png 
  • Moved 2 Scintillant spawn points within the Isolation Vaults to be in more trafficked areas.
  • Reduced the amount of spawned Residue per Wyrm puddle from 5 to 3, and also lowered the amount of Residue needed for the first stage of the Isolation Vault Bounty:
    • 6 Residue for 1 or 2 player teams
    • 12 Residue for 3 or 4 player teams
  • Fixed cases of the Esophage losing its waypoint in the Isolation Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed looping Otak/Loid Transmission when picking up 50% of the required Residue for the Isolation Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed a script error related to the Isolation Vault.
  • Fixed numerous script errors when encountering an enemy Necramech.
  • Missed note: Fixed various Matchmaking issues for players.


  • The Deimos Bounty Credit Cache rewards have been replaced with an Ayatan Amber Star.
  • Added descriptive text to the Scintillant to expose its secondary acquisition path:
    • aad576924bef0060ff45ea221e168c95.png 
  • Added invulnerability period when Transferring into Necramechs found out in Cambion Drift.
  • Reduced Vulpaphyla Revive precepts from 5 ranks to 3 ranks, as the extra 2 served no purpose. Refunded Credits and Endo will follow in a script later this week or next for early adopters.
  • Added more sound effects for the Vulpaphyla.
  • End of Mission screen music will now properly duck sound FX.
  • Performance improvements towards Cambion Drift terrain textures.


  • Fixed cases of players unable to start Vor’s Prize after completing the tutorial.
    • This also unblurs the ‘Vor’s Prize’ Quest entry for those who skipped it way back in the day.
  • Fixed missing context actions when investigating Solaris bodies in the Vox Solaris Quest.
  • Fixed a crash when a Client player has a Vulpaphyla Pet and it dies.
  • Fixed a crash during the Garv Bounty mission.
  • Fixed script errors when player quits before/during death in "Confront Umbra" stage of The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Bounties failing if the Client player loads in too far away from the objective area.
  • Fixed inability to pick up Fass Residue on a K-Drive during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed not having to collect Infested Samples for Latrox Une when doing multiple Bounties in succession in the same Cambion Drift session.
  • Fixed incorrect Eximus enemy title on the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed some missing FX on Deimos enemies when they pop out of their sacs.
  • Fixed color grading style color corrections ignoring the Color Correction video setting. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1213034-color-correction-explosions-while-color-correction-is-turned-off/
  • Fixed alignment issues with the Paradiso Armor on numerous Warframes.
  • Fixed script error that can occur when trying to use the Scanner when returning to a Town.
  • Fixed a script error if Garv dies.
  • Fixed a script error related to the Profit-Taker.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when using Transference. 
  • Fixed a script error when using the Necramechs’ Guard Mode ability.
  • Fixed a script error when entering an enemy camp in the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed a script error when the Drop Pods in the Cambion Drift drop down enemies.
  • Fixed a script error when a Sly Vulpaphyla deactivates a Precept.
  • Fixed a script error when a Panzer Vulpaphyla attempted to attack but ran out of targets.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred when a Necramech died.
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Tier 2 and 3 ISO vaults are not explained.
You can enter them by speaking with mother in specific locations on the cambion drift. You only get tier 2 and tier 3 matrices from those by chaining them.

Still not entirely sure how to get scintillant after reading these notes though.

EDIT: The ISO thing is actually addressed in this hotfix, cool. "Within one wyrm cycle" is worrying though. If doing the 3 vault runs back to back without extracting does not give the tier 3 rewards though, they have learned nothing.

EDIT2: Seem to have lost 11-12 father tokens, not sure how.
Had enough to rank up with necraloid R2, farmed the parts, got the blueprint from standing I had, without spending any further tokens, after which I had 9 father tokens instead of 21 or 22.

EDIT3: I feel the need to point out that Xaku takes Gyromags to build, which effectively is an mr15 requirement. In my 1500+ Profit-Taker runs I have seen only one person under mastery rank 15. Meanwhile Helminth is supposedly an end-game system and is locked behind mr8.

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Thanks for the hotfix.

Reminder that wall running (as shown in the new Awakening cinematic) looks a hell of a lot cooler than wall hopping we got as part of Parkour 2.0

Would be great if you could implement that sweet wall running animation back while also keeping the fluidity we got from upgrading from Parkour 1.0 to 2.0,

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We should not be forced to do boring, not warframe, activities such as animal conservation in order to progress in the new update. It's just boring, please rework the system.

EDIT 1: Necramech Vaults are completely broken. I have had far more failed missions because of the game breaking bugs related to mechs not spawning, vault puzzle showing the same symbols, and infested tunnel doors not opening. not to mention the fact that the "infested teleport" to leave the vault area 90% of the time puts you under the map.


Thank you still for the continued development over the years.

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22 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


Fix the token system, the ability to stockpile tokens endlessly for the future can be beat and all, but it's immediately overshadowed by the inability do exactly that by providing whatever resource we already had before being changed to time gated rng tokens that require specific resources instead, which is clearly intended to slow down player progression.

Btw, still no fix for the 10 months old bug of Telos Boltace ragdolling players in conclave nor for any of these:



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Scintillant drops are a joke, never encountered a single one.


While we're at it, do I really have to listen to 30 seconds of dialogue everytime I start an isolation vault before the objective pops up?


It's hard to make a good update, but after three open world releases now, please stop wasting our time with unnecessary stuff. Some people do just want to get to it, repeating dialogue does not equal content.

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