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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.3

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I love this update, you actually have to hunt things down instead of just following waypoint after waypoint like it's a never ending fetch quest.

The bugs are an apt metaphor for the infested.

It has exceeded my expectations!

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The conservation is problematic to say the least, with no footprint for the birdy (sometimes not visible, I backtracked the footprint and it stops at some point no where near where I started the tracking), how am I to capture it if I cant track it. and even after searching for and finding the right spot, sometimes they just do not show at stage 3 of capture. Or extreamly difficult to find.

Also, please notice that in isolation vault when taking the mech out of the hidding void portal, one or more random member of the team may have their game crash. Would love to see some fixes

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Still waiting for the fix for the Upload Bounty when you're in 4man squads. It's literally impossible to get the bonus because the mission scales so far upwards with 4 players (more data to upload) that he can't upload all the data in the given timeframe (time doesnt increase with 4 players)

Right now to get the bounty bonus reliably you HAVE to duo every bounty, as 4 ppl bonus is impossible on this bounty stage.

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7 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed color grading style color corrections ignoring the Color Correction video setting. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1213034-color-correction-explosions-while-color-correction-is-turned-off/

FINALLY TT_TT Thanks guys ❤️

Are you aware of the teleport function sometimes being able to spawn you right below the mesh of the "exit" tentacle, getting you into an endless fall down to the vault again?

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