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Deimos Bounty: Latrox Une Bounty impossible to get bonus with a large squad

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Upon doing this bounty multiple times we came to the conclusion that it is impossible to get the 25 uploads in a 4-man squad.

The highest value we were able to reach when we utterly massacred the infested before even getting anywhere close to him was 20.

This agrees with what we all could conclude: The minimal amount of time he needs to upload a single Code is 3 seconds. As he always ends the transmission after 1 minute, 20 is the absolute maximum you can get to.

Also the drop chance for the requried resources in this bounty are borderline criminal. A drastic increase is in order so this bounty does not become the largest waste of time. We had runs of up to 8 minutes for just this bounty because enemy spawn are scattered, immobile, out of reach and limited.

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This indeed seems to be the case, and even with a smaller team we got max only once and we dont even know how/why because it was pretty much the same as previous times, nothing touched the guy. 

Im not even sure thats how it works. 

And yes the drop rate for the samples is way too low, it takes as long as all other stages combined sometimes. 

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1 hour ago, [DE]Marcus said:

@Salbeira Thank you for elevating this to the Forums, we appreciate it! Looking into a fix - hopefully coming soon to a HF near you! 

While you're at it, can you also make the bonus less terrible? As it stands you need to play utterly PERFECTLY (on the occasion it's possible at all) because if he takes damage for a single frame you lose a data upload, and you need all 20 data uploads. No other bonus mission is this strict. You can let territory control drop to 55% and still bring it back up to save the bonus. You can let a defense target drop to 81% health and still save the bonus. But if you slip up for as much as one frame, you lose the Latrox bonus, no way to save it

Actually while you're at it, can you remove the "capture the target without killing any other enemies" bonus from the Plains bounties? It's also terrible and unfun, and it can be failed by teammates in your squad being attacked by a Latcher on the other side of the map. That's just bad design. Put it on a time limit like every other bonus

EDIT: Thank you for granting the first half of my wish

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Yes, you can get Latrox Une to upload ALL of the data with a full team.

Here's the trick:

During collection phase, let him get hurt. The lower his health, the faster he uploads.

During upload phase, make sure he his shields never go down. As long as his shields are full, he call upload all 25 bits of data in 30 sec.



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