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Blind Rage


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Rhino's iron skin is based off Power Strength. More PS, More better damage absorb. 

Nekros' SotD is based off the level of the enemy, power duration and power strength . Less duration, faster time outs. meaning the dead dies faster. More strength equals to more dead spawned 

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it will make iron skin better i believe since power strength does affect overall damage absortion however for shadows of the dead its a huge trade off, yea you get a few more shadows (i think 3 or 4 i dont recall) but they dont last nearly as long

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So on rhino its quite good. The only downside is that it will make roar less usefull since it no longer lasts long enough to buff your ult two times. 


Charge also depends on power duration, as far as I know. Power duration extends the reach of the skill.

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Taken from wiki


MAX power obtainable strength


144% power strength on Excal and frost warframes

139% power strength on Volt warframes

129% power strength on all other warframes

Requires the following mods/gear: 


blind rage [99% Power, - 55% power eff]

focus [ +30% power]



with Rhino being "all other warframes"


just do the math for 129% to iron skins max of 1200 damage Absorb and there you go.  (2748 i think )

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