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The login music is beautiful

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The current login music is beautiful, and the music during the new player experience cinematic was great too. The ambient sound effects in the new open world area sound really cool and immersive. Overall great job.

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The soundscape is very definitely great, and worth praising. I find audio is one of those things that really adds when it's done well, and it really does add to the atmosphere.

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I'd be good to include other theme/SFX or music for the log-in windows and launcher for variety there should be a shuffle like the orbiter and relays -they could use a few other BGMs and NPC which spread from each faction and other visiting alien planets, ship corpus and vestiments for operators additional amps, and powers to go with the dojo and affinity of each faction/class/ of their tenno school, or planet that can be interesting ways to get augments or secondary weapons, temporary effects, and weathers could mean that snowing and windy planets get their own effectivive enemies and music to accompany like the MMORPG games have special enemies which only appear at night but the music changes so its not just hunting eidolons and catching a rare fish, this way its not repetitive if you allow for additional effects in some areas computers and turrets will do good jamming the raddars, and jamming weapons or functions which players abuse.

but naturally the players visiting each planet or relay should find ODD CHARACTERS, BARDS, and rangers who have temporary appearances or shops and only appear in a daily schedule or during a special weather, if the players got a coating on or a special armband on, its snowing boom, different music to match the atmospherics of a METEOR STORM, occasional techno and trance music in some rooms, and then there can be some ships cephalons and aliens ships in the relay-bays, and docks the machinist and mechanics would alwayxs be flavour full offereing bodyguards and music-----which can include their native musicians and instruments which we could buy and hear a few bands, this can be a violinist or elevator sound which helps players repeating music, can be earned or bought tickets with bounties and duration, ranks, or just occasionally like Fortuna 69 has more querk-spiders and jokes for each city and planet, usually a few items and mods which dont serve any purpose could also have horrible SFX and stats which can be "procured or enhanced with a tad of endo,  but you could send them off to a specialist school / mod configuration / blacksmith and earn additional stats like the ships cephalon of snackfood and wine have their own snackboxes which get shipped to your doorstep. usually the log-in rewards can be the DJ of Nightwave or some enemy/kuva/corpus challenge or bounty from the ship, maybe eventually players can log-off in cities and each planet or relay and this way the log-in screen can be more tailored to each players favorite locales, and then their profiles can earn some belts and stripes, MIDI, and Octavia packs are eventually exclusives, but players doing PVP lunaro and 

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