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A Few Helpful Ideas Imo


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In my honest opinion having phobos having both day time and night time would be pretty insane, especially if say grinner were less alert from melee but guns draw more attention cause of muzzle flash and sound during night time. 

Wholesale purchase. On items like Catalists. Like when you click on it have it pop up with say 

1 for 20 plat
5 for 80 plat
10 for 140 plat. 
(or along those lines)

One thing I thought would be pretty good is a in game HUD addition. So say you are using Loki. Having it be able to show you how long you have of invisibility left, or how much more damage your Rhino skin can absorb. Or time on your Snow globe.

Another would be to have in the arsenal, have it show you how much energy your abilities are going to cost you energy wise after some of the new corrupted mods it would be pretty handy to see that.

Any time soon are you going to make a "make X amount of [weapon or gear item]" It's not impractical, Seen as you can make say 20 different weapons, yet when it comes to making say 2 bolto's or multiple mutagen mass (seen as how many weapons there now are in that section) You suddenly can't, even if you have multiple BP's.

Its getting late here, So tomorrow if I think any more ideas I will add them :) Thanks DE for being Awesome, keep up the good work.

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