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Bug-ier then the Infested.

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Hi, I have a lot of issues.

1) I don't know what happened to the isolation vault bounty after the hotfix but it's now un-completeable due to the amount of bugs in that bounty. When you get to the second to last thing, the mech is supposed to spawn, well it doesn't so we can't progress. Two, when our squad "reactivates" a crystal it rebuilds for 2 minutes then crumbles back to its original state like nothing happened and Loid doesn't spawn.

2) Please lower the requirements for the Son Tokens. Seriously it's insane how many animals you need for just ONE token.

3) Please fix the falling through the map and the extraction in the isolation vault, every time I use the extraction in the isolation vault I get stuck in an infested wall, and then I fall through the floor instead of being on the surface.

4) Please make getting the mech slightly easier. The grind is insane, even with the bugs it's nearly impossible. (especially the son tokens see 2)

5) ...yikes. Heart of Deimos is extremely buggy and makes me want to bash my head against the wall and makes me want to quit.

6) please lower the requirements (slightly) for grandma tokens.

7) please lower the requirements (slightly) for loid rank ups.

😎 fix your stuff yo.

9) please make finding the animals easier in Deimos.

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