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SWITCH Heart of Deimos: Update 29

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After the update I cannot join any squad at all. Everytime they invite me it only says please wait and then disconnect. My internet is 25mbps upload and 27mbps download so its quite fast but i still wasnt able to join any party still and cannot even trade because of this. 


Any advise?

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hace 19 horas, (NSW)Rytikula dijo:

For some odd reason, this update also enhanced performance, I believe that the framerate cap is now 60 instead of 30 which honestly is a welcome addition.

Well... in a 65" TV, looks like an indie pixelated Game, the animal capture misions are so hard to see an Aquivea... and the preformance i'm having in a 4 people squad, unbearable! 

here a preview of heart of deimos in switch.

minecraft GIF

Sad Michael Scott GIF

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17 hours ago, (NSW)Valorean said:

I would if my MicroSD card wasn’t giving me issues.


16 hours ago, (NSW)lego126 said:

wtf, started updating, says I do t have enough room. Went thru archived everything deleti br all save data all users. Still says I'm 3.5G short.??? 115G SD size, 25.8G system memory. I deleted everything redownloading now. 

Finally got mine working, had to delete and re-download the full 25 gigs.

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”Fixed tracking hints remaining visible when using Melee weapon to exit the Synthesis Scanner"

Can we talk about how this was only making the game better? The swapping time to and from the scanner is annoyingly long, a relic of the pace of the game from years ago.

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vor 14 Stunden schrieb (NSW)Megaseth6:

Sorry I'm late, 'cause I tried to avoid updates about the delay for 4 days. I thought it will take much longer to be released.😅 

They said "this week" and it was in Cert. when did you expect it? xD on Weekends there is normally no update so it hast to be atleast friday.

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Just played through the new Awakening quest, the long awaited New Player Experience. I love it!

The bitrate for the video seems to be really high, it looks fantastic!

The Switch's Screen Burn-in Reduction option from the system settings will dim the screen after five minutes without controller inputs, coincidentally this almost exactly lines up with when the Warframes go into their deep slumber. Dimuminati confirmed.

I thought the Lotus girl would have an actual role but she just vanishes, that seems like a shame when she's the first character new players see.

The Warframe selection is lovely with the new ability UI, it looks good and cleanly shows what each option is all about. Informative!

It''s really nice to have a dedicated environment for going through all the basics, lots of animals to slaughter.

Real bullet jumping tutorial!

After picking a Primary weapon there's a really nice hexagonal tunnel, it makes me wonder about adding new tiles to an already existing tileset if that's possible?

It doesn't show us entering the landing craft at the end after focusing so much on the entry door cycling around, I think that's how it was in the old tutorial but that's still kinda odd.


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