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Alert Improvement


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can we improve the alert in all the solar system to make it harder to complete it plz ?

so, my idea it's make the alert have same objective as normal mission, but different game-play and the goal it's twister then the original one a litter bit.

so...here's my idea of improving alert:


Capture: The VIP will stay in a locker room, with a bunch of enemies inside it too and WILL ATTACK you (i mean literally do some seriously damage on your shield/health) instead of running away. When he's lose some health, he'll then teleport randomly on the map, and it's your job to follow him every time (by where the map point) and hit him until you can capture him.


Defend: 10 wave, wave 1-> a scientific-Portal spam enemies endlessly FOR 1 MIN somewhere in the map, and your job it's to def, go blow up the pot, and kill the remaining enemies. Wave 2-> another Pot and enemies lv cap +1, wave 3 -> 3 Portal and enemies cap lv +2 ...


Exterminator: There's a Time limit of when the mission will automatic FAILED. Oh and enemies troop cap will in INCREASE BY 10 every 1 minute.


Mobile Defend: *error since a lot of other pep already got a way to improving it


​Rescue: Enemies will spam more then normal, but the Hostage can actually shoot stuff...and he had some random power too (awesome.....)


Sabotage: The Power core will be defend with 8 Laze cannon, you have 3 choice, either hack to disable it, but may get vaporize while doing so; or blow the cannon, 1 by 1, but it might cost a lot of time since they are very tanky; or blow the Power core to disable them and end the mission objective.


Assassin: The boss will have the total lv of all Frame together+ map lever cap. Example if all your Squad Frame lv 30, so:

=>(30+30+30+30) + map lever cap= 120 + map lever cap = lv bosses


so...this is my idea, any idea,comment,fix,or you got something better ?


(as thk for all of you to read my idea, here's a gif of Vader stealing Pizza) 


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