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What I Want From A Halloween Event


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New enemies:

- grineer mortar

- grineer hounds

- corpus terminator

- corpus scorpion (a scorpion type mech)

- infested queen, infestor (a unit that spreads infection and converts other faction into infested units)

- infested octopus type (uses 4 arts to move on the walls, the other 2 arms to do attacks like a squid)

- infested hercules beetle (rams to you, and stomps the ground for shockwaves)

- infested flying type enemies

New weapons:

- dual spectra

- dual acrid

- dual embolist

- jedi laser sword and dual jedi laser swords (corpus)

- incinerator (grineer)

- whip (infested and corpus)

New warframe addons:

- grapling hook (craftable, earnead trough achievements)

- jetpack (craftable, earned trough achievements)

- remote bombs (single use, craftable and deployable)

- turrets (single use, craftable and deloyable)

- shields (replace the block animation with a high tech plasma shield)

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When did halloween become update 11? Skins is what DE mentioned, not doubling the enemies.


And Dual Acrid, really? Gtfo, not only we don't need something stronger, the Acrid is really big and would look stupid as an akimbo!

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