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XB1 Heart of Deimos: Hotfix #3

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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix #3

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

Over the course of our many many updates on Console, we have traditionally posted any Hotfix notes in the main update thread. Seeing as we have released Heart of Deimos across all Platforms simultaneously (Switch went out today!) the Hotfix cadence has changed and it's clear (from many of your comments and our own reflecting) that having the content of these Hotfixes more easily accessible is increasingly important. 

With that said, moving forward we will be posting Hotfix notes for consoles in their own dedicated threads so that important changes and fixes are easier to find. We will also be including access to these Hotfix threads from the in-game News Segment.

Token Rank Balancing + Conservation Token Balancing:

Ranking up in the Entrati Syndicate will now require a maximum of 1 Entrati Token type per rank (i.e 1x Conservation + 1x Fishing). Anyone who has already ranked up will receive a refund script within the next few days. 

We have also done a significant rebalance pass of Conservation’s role in the Entrati Economy based on feedback. 


  • Reduced the Animal Tags required to complete a 1 Token Task by 50%.
  • Reduced the average number of Animal Tags required for ‘Capture Deimos Wildlife’ Tasks which give 3, 4, and 5 Tokens. 
  • Fixed some ‘Capture Deimos Wildlife’ Tasks appearing as doubles, giving twice the intended Tokens without costing twice as much.
  • Added a ‘Daily Special’ for Conservation to match the Daily Special for Fishing design by request.

Isolation Vault Bounty Changes & Fixes:

  • Updated the Cambion Drift Isolation Vault Bounty description to hint at clearing multiple Vaults in the same session for better rewards.
    • d3dc4e59be820363a9d97cf8fb4bee15.png 
  • Moved 2 Scintillant spawn points within the Isolation Vaults to be in more trafficked areas.
  • Reduced the amount of spawned Residue per Wyrm puddle from 5 to 3, and also lowered the amount of Residue needed for the first stage of the Isolation Vault Bounty:
    • 6 Residue for 1 or 2 player teams
    • 12 Residue for 3 or 4 player teams
  • Fixed a ‘worst case scenario’ procedural generation where some Isolation Vaults would not have the Reactive Crystal intact, which occurred in a 1 hour window last night.
  • Fixed looping Otak/Loid Transmission when picking up 50% of the required Residue for the Isolation Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed cases of the Esophage losing its waypoint in the Isolation Vault Bounty.


  • Added descriptive text to the Scintillant to expose its secondary acquisition path:
    • aad576924bef0060ff45ea221e168c95.png 
  • The Deimos Bounty Credit Cache rewards have been replaced with an Ayatan Amber Star.
  • Reduced Vulpaphyla Revive precepts from 5 ranks to 3 ranks, as the extra 2 served no purpose. Refunded Credits and Endo will follow in a script later this week or next for early adopters.
  • Added invulnerability period when Transferring into Necramechs found out in Cambion Drift.
  • End of Mission screen music will now properly duck sound FX.
  • Performance improvements towards Cambion Drift terrain textures.
  • Necramechs that you can Transference into on the Cambion Drift no longer drop rewards. 
    • Transferring into a Necramech and then standing around waiting for it to die to drop rewards is far from the intentions of the Necramech system. Additionally, this was often bugged that only 1 person got the drop at all. Enemy Necramechs in the Isolation Vaults will still drop rewards. 
  • You can now enjoy Deimos from afar as a new planet backdrop when back in your Orbiter!
  • Appearance improvements towards Maggot and Crawler death FX. 
  • Optimized mining visibility more by preventing certain ‘pulsing’ aspects of the world overlapping nodes. 
  • Optimized locations of Esophage exit ports. 
  • Reduced camera shake on the second stage of the Heart of Deimos quest.
  • Hydroid Rakkam Kraken will now be the deluxe version when casting Undertow. 


  • Fixed missing context actions when investigating Solaris bodies in the Vox Solaris Quest.
  • Fixed a Heart of Deimos progression stop if you used Transference when in the Necramech cutscene.
  • Fixed a crash when a Client player has a Vulpaphyla Pet and it dies.
  • Fixed inability to pick up Fass Residue on a K-Drive during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in the Heart of Deimos Quest if enemies spawn behind doors. 
  • Failed failed purchases at Fishing/Conservation Entrati members showing empty quotes instead of the item name.
  • Fixed certain icons being reversed for repaired Cortege Receiver / Stocks. 
  • Fixed Fish part quantities not displaying properly when Cut with the Fishing Entrati member in the Necralisk. This should now equally match when you see when Providing/Cutting Fish in Fortuna/Cetus.
    • Note that this is a fix to the user interface: Despite the “Cut fish” summary previously not showing a number of some parts when you cut multiple fish at once, you did actually get those parts.
  • Fixed an Obelisk exploit with certain AI combinations. 
  • Fixed an issue where starting a multiplayer mission just as the Wyrm’s were rotating could cause level issues. 
  • Fixed an issue with the truly ‘dead’ Mechs not looking deader-than-dead, meaning no Transference allowed.
  • Fixed issues with the Carnis Mod sets not functioning properly. 
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when starting certain Cambion Drift Bounties.
  • Fixed issues with proper attachment/detachment of enemy Necramech arms for Clients. In some cases Clients saw Necramechs dying with both arms attached when in fact they were shoot off and weakspot exposed.
  • Fixed some Conservation Lures failing to find a path and possibly creating script errors once activated.
  • Fixed an issue with loading screens for Earth and Mars looking incorrect.
  • Fixed enemies not targeting the Operator after dying in a Necramech.
  • Fixed missing sounds for the Predasite and Vulpaphyla Precepts.
  • Fixed the Kymaeros having a description for Alloy Plate and other erroneous descriptions.
  • Fixed Mod Link configs from Configuration B not showing Subsumed abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where Operators could be used to bypass a part of the Heart of Deimos quest. 
  • Fixed script error when Vizier Predasite dies when attempting to heal.
  • Fixed a script error when Inaros’ Devour was cast. 
  • Fixed a script error on certain item menus appearing during a load state. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by fishing and catching a fish at the same time a squad member captures an animal. 
  • Fixed an issue where Operators and Mechs may not work after transference. 
  • Fixed script error when a Conservation fails.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur when killing an enemy, but also reviving an ally when certain Challenges are active.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when the new Deimos enemies did a special attack.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur when exiting an Open World mission while your Vasca Kavat was approaching a target for Draining Bite. 
  • Fixed a K-Drive related Crash. 
  • Fixed not having to collect Infested Samples for Latrox Une when doing multiple Bounties in succession in the same Cambion Drift session.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Bounties failing if the Client player loads in too far away from the objective area.
  • Added more sound effects for the Vulpaphyla.
  • Fixed some missing FX on Deimos enemies when they pop out of their sacs.
  • Fixed alignment issues with the Paradiso Armor on numerous Warframes.
  • Fixed a script error when a Sly Vulpaphyla deactivates a Precept.
  • Fixed incorrect Eximus enemy title on the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed script errors when player quits before/during death in "Confront Umbra" stage of The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Fixed script error that can occur when trying to use the Scanner when returning to a Town.
  • Fixed a script error that can occur in the Free Roam mission overlay map after a Host migration.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred when a Necramech died. 
  • Fixed a script error when entering an enemy camp in the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed a script error when the Drop Pods in the Cambion Drift drop down enemies.
  • Fixed a script error if Garv dies.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when using Transference. 
  • Fixed a script error related to the Profit-Taker.
  • Fixed a script error when a Panzer Vulpaphyla attempted to attack but ran out of targets.
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Fixed mention of "Ashen"
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So... why buff the difficulty of the Vault bounty if the rewards and drop tables are the main issue here? Not to mention Necramechs aren't fun to fight considering the have pinpoint hit boxes you need to hit, and half the time are using their Electro shield to become invulnerable.

Had a fun issue where in a Public Game it lagged so hard the text on screen turned Spanish for a couple minutes.

Have no idea how it did that, or how to replicate.


Also, while super thankful for the Scintillant being moved finally, does this include a buff in spawn rate both in the actual vaults or in bounties?

Bounties have been the only real alternative option, and even then it seems that they have such a low drop rate they should be considered legendary regardless of which bounty it came from.

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Idk if this hot fix fixes this specific glitch yet but I’ll leave it here just in case it hasn’t. 
theres a glitch where if the Panzer Vulpaphyla dies in its larvae form, it loses all of its ranking and reverts to 0 in the mission. I do not know if this applies to all the variants of Vulpaphyla, but in case your thinking this is a world ending issue, if you complete the mission, then return to your orbiter, you will still have the leveling (assuming your Vulpaphyla was like rank 5 or 20 or whatever). This glitch makes it so that it doesn’t allow for the Vulpaphyla to increase its ranking if it dies in its larvae form. This means that all that XP from that mission won’t apply to the pet and you’ll will have to level it up again.

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How about a hitbox size change for the fish in Cambrian Drift? Seems like 90% of the time my spear just goes straight through them and it can take 2 or 3 dead on throws before I actually get a hit. I have tried with all 3 spear types (Cambrian Dift, Orb Valis, and POE) and Ihave the same issue. Playing on XBOX ONE with high speed internet over an ethernet cable.


Or the framerate drop in the vaults? A couple time the fps dipped down to around 20 when I was in the 2nd phase of the bounty in a party of 4.

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Kind of frustrating that you got rid of the ability to get Necramech part drops from hopping in one and letting it get destroyed. Before I found that bug I hadn’t gotten a single part dropped from the enemy mechs.

Edited by (XB1)Foighne
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A few others and I on reddit noticed Xaku's 4 is completely disabled/not working for some reason since the hotfix. Does the animation, takes all the energy, continues to drain energy and no damage is dealt and no buff. Even the armor comes right back. Definitely ruins the survivability and gameplay of Xaku, who I am enjoying mostly otherwise.

My experience is on Xbox but I saw a report on PS4 as well.

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Why not buff spawn/drop rate, since that seems to be the main issue? Scintillant should be a guaranteed spawn/drop for opening a vault, but it's just non existent (nearly 3 days since launch, just barely got my second one not long ago), as well as Thaumica (even with the Requiem Pillars, thaumica just isnt dropping). I'll wait for the drop rate issues to be reasonable. At the moment, no one's time is being respected. Easily over 40+ bounties just for Xaku's systems was bad enough. I get the update isnt even a week old, but its not hard to tell how bad drop rates/spawn rates are here. I'll check back later. Good on you for somewhat getting to some of these issues though. Although making the parts the broken mechs gave no longer drop is a step backwards, being as the drop rate for those wasnt good anyway, and I've only ever seen 2 Necramechs in the Drift, personally. The reward pools are already so diluted enough as it is, with endo and relics, even wyrm residue, since that isnt so bad to collect on its own.

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Not sure I understand the reasoning behind not being able to get parts from a player controlled mech. It’s not like the map was overrun with them. You most likely still needed to get into a vault to commandeer one. Then you sacrifice it (or whatever you’d call it) for an additional chance at a part dropping. Not a guarantee, a chance.

Perhaps I’m salty because before the hotfix I got the chassis and the pod from approx 10x vault runs (3 vaults + bonus). Since the hotfix, 20 more vaults runs and not a single part.

Perhaps I was extraordinarily lucky on my pre-fix runs?

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9 hours ago, (XB1)Foighne said:

Kind of frustrating that you got rid of the ability to get Necramech part drops from hopping in one and letting it get destroyed. Before I found that bug I hadn’t gotten a single part dropped from the enemy mechs.

been grinding for on the open world  area for hours and haven't seen a single disabled mech

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vor 7 Stunden schrieb (XB1)l Derpy l:

A few others and I on reddit noticed Xaku's 4 is completely disabled/not working for some reason since the hotfix. Does the animation, takes all the energy, continues to drain energy and no damage is dealt and no buff. Even the armor comes right back. Definitely ruins the survivability and gameplay of Xaku, who I am enjoying mostly otherwise.

My experience is on Xbox but I saw a report on PS4 as well.

I can confirm this. His 4 is completely stripped of all functionality outside of energy drains..


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I was thinking. Keep the relics in the loot pools for iso vaults but how about make it so T1 T2 T3 are actually separate. They already have thier own loot pool just separate the bounty meaning T3 is the hardest iso vault bounty or make a bounty like tricaps in Plains. So people can choose to do all 3 vaults in one bounty choice.

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