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24 hour Deimos gameplay report/feedback

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First off, no, I have not played 24 hours straight. I could, but I will cover a few reasons why not, as well as other feedback below. 

Shout out to the FX teams. The visuals and sound are great. Only gripe here is that the visuals are too harmonious to the enemies. They just blend into the terrain, especially in dense areas.

I like the Necromech idea and "Snake" when I ran it. That's about it... Now I don't have my own yet, which will hopefull change perspective on a fully modded one. As it stands now, they are very lackluster. The main issue here is, you guessed it, the drastically low chance you get the parts to even begin building it. 3 hours straight of vaults, and only a weapon part... not even a mech part. Sadly they removed an alternative way, cause it was less chance, but still doable.

Bounties... oh my god... this is the lead as to why I can't take doing anything for long periods. Main issues are dramatic lack of variety, and a very broken mission. The "collect samples" for corpus is extremely broken it seems. Data takes 10+ minutes to collect, and the stream time isn't high enough with a full squad. 

Rewards. Now I know this will flux for everyone, but holy crap something seems broken. 5 hours of solid mother bounties, over 20 credit caches (10k, pre ayatan fix) with one solid run of top tier being nothing but, 14 quassus blueprints (had 2 drop at once one time as one reward), maybe 2 scintillant, and zero Xaku parts, yes ZERO. Nothing worse than hating what you are doing, taking forever to do it, and getting nothing out of it..  Again, more a me and my crap luck issue, but it shouldn't be THAT bad. 

The credit system isn't a major nightmare, but it just seems a tad overkill. Am I complaining I have 3 days rep worth of mother tokens? No. Do I hate having to keep trading them around and micromanaging them? Yeah. It's like bonds all over again, but worse, seeing you can't trade some for others aside grandma.

I will update as I go some more, but as it stands, I really can't do much more aside play the waiting game...

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