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Ara (Mars) Survival Infested Mission - Broken


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After experimenting several survival, either infested or corpus or grineer, this specific mission on mars, feels like its unbalanced or bugged.



Because its more hard to get true the first 10 to 15 minutes then to stay after that.

Not because of enemy difficulty, but because of life support capsules.


In the First 15m "lotus" or the game, is dropping so few life support capsules, that its almost impossible to reach 10 or 15m.

Wile this appends, because of the delay of when each capsule is given, every-time you activate one, your at 10% less oxygen then the last time you activated one, until you activate one with 10% oxygen, and the next one will not come in time for the survival to continue.

Also, during this 10 to 15m, so few enemies appear, you can not get enough personal life support caps (those little caps enemies drop) to maintain or rise oxygen levels.


In other survival missions, and after the first 15m in this mission, you finally see enough enemies to kill, therefore, they drop allot of those little caps, and you can finally maintain or raise oxygen levels.

In fact, after the first 15m, you start to noticed 1, 2 or 3 extra main life support caps that lotus as dropped, making the game sustainable for as long as you can fight.


But with this bug in Ara, even though you get few enemies and easy to kill, its very hard to reach those 15m.

The best strategies I saw, is to turn on life support caps before the appropriated time, when oxygen levels are still at 70% or higher, you have to immediately use them, so it gives enough time for lotus to deliver the next one.



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