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Ogris Mode Built....


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Hello guys...

I would like to tell me your opinions about ogris built....Which modes do you think i should use??


I assume you mean mods.

I'll go with that.


My ogris seems legit, but it requires a little bit of forma for it to be fully equipped.

You can downscale some of the mods or simply replace them with others to make it work.


I use serration (stronger boom booms), Piercing hit (Stronger boom booms), Speed trigger (Faster boom booms), Wildfire or your elemental equivalent (Faster + fire boom booms), split chamber (more boom booms). Could also replace speed trigger with heavy cal if you want damage per missile over speed fired. Or, you COULD add shred for more fire rate and some puncture, but you need 1.2 puncture to go through enemies.

That takes up ever mod slot I have available with a three forma'd ogris (I didn't level up fully wildfire and split chamber).

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Why does no one use firestorm on it?

Ah, I forgot to mention that.

That's rather player preference, as it doesn't add any straight up damage (I don't think).

It increases the blast radius.


If you're willing to take the risk of blowing yourself up from a greater distance, go for it. More enemies can be hit.

But it is very costly, isn't it?

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Got 1 firestorm from an exterminate vault run, enemie drop, and then picked up another.....from somewhere.

Maxed is only 9 points, but thing of it is, I just can't seem to see any difference with it on, same as ignis.

Heavy caliber... 2 rockets spread nicely and increase explosive radius greatly = Awesomes!

Heavy caliber... 1 rocket hits floor approximately 3 meters in front of you = not Awesomes :(

Shred can increase the damage output considerably, the explosion gets blocked by environment stuff frequently that shred can get through, but....it also makes it sometimes go through certain floors from above without it going off, but it can blast through the bottom of walkways and go straight through closed doors

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About the firestorm...where should i go to farm it?

Your best bet without a lot of fussy business (Don't try and abuse the referral system, there's a post detailing how they'll shove a ban hammer into your butt, so.) is to go somewhere that spawns lots of toxic ancients.

So, mobile defence where lots of enemies spawn or survival.

Ara, Mars, spawn toxics from the beginning, so.

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