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Multiple Issues due a potential latency problem. (Lupal Pass, Saturn Proxima, Railjack)


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On this context, on a single mission  of 4 players in Railjack, we have experienced apparently too many in-game errors as such, 3 non-host players were rendered unable to continue to play and had to leave in frustration, leaving the host, who is me, however even I am affected by some adverse in-game bugs to list below:


4-player team while using Discord as form of voice communication

Bug Effects:

  • Some players get stuck in the middle of space, usually approx. 23,000 meters away from the team, and also unable to see the scene properly. (non-host)
  • Players become stuck inside a Crewship with inaccessible exits and un-pilotable seats,and can only be forcibly let out when said ship is shot by Railjack's Forward Artillery. (non-host)
  • Players are not seeing the same thing inside the ship, in such a way, non-host players experience events one minute after the host experience it, e.g. dousing a fire hazard. (non-host)
  • Some player's animation freezes on another player's perspective, e.g. player is seen moving around, suspended in air, locked animation. (non-host)
  • Players get randomly teleported back into the Railjack suddenly. (host)
  • Players getting punted out of the options while trying to browse through keybinds randomly. (host)


Possible Cause:

Non-host player with possible bad latency started piloting the Railjack for a somewhat extended period, causing some significant synchronization problems with others.


Player Experience:

Non-host players to had to abort the mission due to many elements breaking on a single mission run. Presumably a very sour experience.

While I would understand that if a player is seem to be lagging, it should leave that particular player with an impaired experience, however if its symptoms were able to pass down to other players this drastic, then I may feel it may not end well for my whole team the end of day. It felt frustrating as such. I hope this report comes in handy. Thank you for continuing to listen to us, your players!

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