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Dedicated Servers?is It Possible?


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Hi everyone.


I would like to know if it is possible to have dedicated servers in Warframe.

I know DE are trying to fix all the issues with conection/lag issues but I don't know if is ever going to be playable between friends who live too far apart with not so good conections...


I play with 3 of my friends and one or more of us is always lagging and I don´t know if DE can actually do something about this.

Is it even possible to fix all these issues without dedicated servers?


Or is the problem only in our internet conection?


I would happily rent a server with 4 slots if it were to solve me and my friends issues with the conection/lag...


De could continue to work on their issues but to those that were willing to rent a server,maybe have this option too.


If someone who understands about servers and how this could or could not work with Warframe could explain to me if this is possible or not,or just not a good idea and why yes or why no,I would apreciate it.


Thank you.



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it would take some changes but programmatically it is possible.

if they're willing to spend the time and money to do so is another matter.

with the ps4 release coming so soon, i highly doubt they've got the spare cycles to devote to this.

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This game is mostly based on p2p connection so in most cases all lags and problems are between the people who play and not on DE's side. (in most cases). As for dedicated servers, that is technically of course possible but I think that will need time and a lot of money for DE.

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