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Necramech Secondary weapon


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Just as Warframes can use Archguns with the help of Gravimag, Necramechs could be able to use Warframe Primary weapons as their Secondary using an analogous item. Necramech Secondary gun could be mounted on a hardpoint on one of their arms.

However this could be restricted to only certain weapons that are thematically mech-appropriate and already signify "heavy" in some sense. These include in my opinion (including their variants):

  • Machine guns: Quellor, Gorgon, Supra
  • Heavy rifle / Laser cannon: Trumna, Quartakk, Opticor
  • Launcher: Acceltra, Ogris, Penta
  • Heavy shotgun: Corinth, Hek (note: this weapon's design originates from a Grineer mech design), Arca Plasmor
  • Speargun (only primary fire): Javlok, Ferrox, Scourge
  • Honorable mentions: Kuva Chakkhur, Zarr (i considered these weapons too but they might not make sense because of how they reload)

The mechanics of shooting the secondary could be a bit specific to make Necramechs stand out a bit more. This special mechanic could be: press a key to shoot through the whole mag continuously, during which time you're able to fire the primary Necramech weapon; this way you fire two weapons at the same time, which is a very mech thing and something a warframe can't do.

EDIT: from DE's point of view, this could be 5 new farmable/purchasable items: "Machine gun hardpoint", "Heavy rifle hardpoint" etc.

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