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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.5


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The token system in its current iteration veils how certain activities have become less profitable compared to the other open worlds. An animal capture nets a player around 200 standing considering the rank rewards of the tokens. The time-gating on them is insane, please consider adding a fixed trade option e.g. always having the option to trade 10x mother tokens for one gandmother token without limit per two hours.


Also please reduce the seriglass shard price, 20k standing in the form of very hard to acquire grandmother tokens is insane.


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Please make Necramechs usable in normal missions.

Edit 1: The affinity gain with Necramechs is still broken.
Edit 2: Even more issues occurs when Necramech is used, and then at some point a K-Drive and / or Archwing is deployed during the same mission. 

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What's the progress on the Railjack Command Intrinsics? is it coming soon?

Also can you please fix the spawn location of Avichaeas? they always spawn way up in the sky very far away, and they're barely noticeable, or at least make them land or hover closely around the call location.

Thanks for the fixes DE! ❤️

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