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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.5


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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.5

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!


  • Damaged Necramech parts and Weapon Parts are now tradable!
  • Enabled proper Necraloid items to be a free Reward for hitting Rank 3. 
  • Improved alignments of the expand arrow on the EOM screen. 
  • Improved FX on the ‘Heart’ in a certain quest stage. 
  • Increased the rarity on the Botanist Mod to Rare.
  • Added proximity markers to the mollusks so it’s easier to spot them and gather samples during the relevant Bounty.


  • Fixed a potential Quest progression stopper related to the Esophage usage. 
  • Fixed a bonus objective being impossible to achieve with 3-4 players in the squad for Deimos survivor bounty. Also, objective count will update correctly whenever the squad size changes.
  • Fixed Necramech drops falling through the floor when dropped.
  • Fixed Summoning Necramechs losing affinity gained in previous Necramechs. 
  • Potential permanent fix to Void Dash being disabled by Vault Mechs, more work will be needed on this, but we have made some progress here. 
  • Fixed Chroma Immortal skin missing his tail. Pin the Tail on the Dragon. 
  • Fixed an issue with being able to donate un-Gilded Modular pets. 
  • Fixed Race markers from the surface of the Cambion Drift appearing on the map while underground. 
  • Fixed issues with Necralisk doors appearing invisible or unlit. 
  • Fixed ‘Œ’ not working in certain languages. 
  • Fixed Ally Necramechs not always spawning during Vome Cycle. 
  • Fixed Ally Necramechs interfering with Operator Void Dashing and Transference. 
  • Fixed a couple cases of missing Icons for Weapons in the EOM screen. 
  • Fixed an issue where a named Kitgun would display the default name instead when transitioning from Free Roam missions to a Hub. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Currency bar could get stuck hidden when returning from a mission
  • Fixed the EOM diorama preview not hiding Squad overlay and Currency bar
  • Fixed a script error related to Kubrow’s Marking an enemy with the Mecha Mod set, the Kubrow dying, then somebody else killing the enemy while they are still marked. 
  • Fixed Deimos spots where players could break through the level.
  • Fixed Father 5 Token Tasks allowing multiple purchases.
  • Fixed Carnis set bonus not functioning.
  • Fixed a case where after cutting all fish you had for a vendor, could then go back into the empty cut screen, until reloading the area.
  • Fixed Necramech statue not being placeable in deco mode. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur from the squad overlay.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Deimos Leaping Thrasher.
  • Fixed a localization issue with Iron Staff. 
  • Fixed missing information on Deimos Fish decorations in the Codex.
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Thank you for the hotfix.

Please reduce the timer in Bait Defense and Toxic Tunnels Isolation Vault objectives. They aren't interesting, and feel way too long for what they are worth.

Please reduce Deimos Bounty Excavation's requirements to match Fortuna Bounties. It's annoying that you need to wait for some to finish to start the other ones. Just make them scale off squad size so each player has 1 to do.

Please review Scintilliant further. The spawns and drops are still highly inconsistent. Just make one guaranteed to spawn from the third tier vault at the very least. 

21 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


  • Damaged Necramech parts and Weapon Parts are now tradable!

How about Brakk blueprint and parts, Detron blueprint and parts, Dread blueprint, Despair blueprint, Hate blueprint, Broken War blueprint, War blueprint, and all Ephemera blueprints?

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When will the droptables site (https://warframe.com/droptables) be updated for Heart of Deimos? The initial patch notes say to check it for more info, but it's been 3 days and Deimos stuff isn't there yet.

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Thanks for the bug fixes.

But I'm still not getting how making Necramech parts tradeable at this point is going to improve anything. There was a good way to farm them that was patched out for being an 'exploit'. Alright, you don't like that farming method, DE. We get it. That's fine.

But it doesn't make the Iso Vault runs any less of a slog. I don't get it. The previous hotfix made Iso Vaults more annoying (not difficult, just longer). But now we can buy our way out of having to slog by paying plat to the people who were around to use 'abuse' the grinding method 'exploit'? That's just in poor taste.

There's another point I'd like to mention here about the now-tradeable pieces, but I won't mention it so it hopefully won't get nerfed out.

Iso Vaults are going the same way as Kuva Liches did - add an RNG slog, make the RNG drops tradeable when people complain about the content, but don't improve the quality of the content. I thought we were past this, DE.

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pls fix hunting animals often you can hear a sound of an animal nearby from the trank rifle, but its almost impossible to see it then (the birds are the most broken) A indicator wich direction the animal is or a sound that gets lounder, like the miner has would probably stop me from wanting to hurt myself after 1h of hunting and not getting a single bird


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The token system in its current iteration veils how certain activities have become less profitable compared to the other open worlds. An animal capture nets a player around 200 standing considering the rank rewards of the tokens. The time-gating on them is insane, please consider adding a fixed trade option e.g. always having the option to trade 10x mother tokens for one gandmother token without limit per two hours.


Also please reduce the seriglass shard price, 20k standing in the form of very hard to acquire grandmother tokens is insane.


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Please make Necramechs usable in normal missions.

Edit 1: The affinity gain with Necramechs is still broken.
Edit 2: Even more issues occurs when Necramech is used, and then at some point a K-Drive and / or Archwing is deployed during the same mission. 

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What's the progress on the Railjack Command Intrinsics? is it coming soon?

Also can you please fix the spawn location of Avichaeas? they always spawn way up in the sky very far away, and they're barely noticeable, or at least make them land or hover closely around the call location.

Thanks for the fixes DE! ❤️

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