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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.5

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Thanks! Please take a look at Quassus. Using its heavy attack too often will cause the weapon to be sheathed, making further heavy attacking impossible unless you swap your weapon to melee manually instead of swapping weapons by using quick melee.


There have also been issues with isolation vault door codes or crystals appearing as all Fass, making it a guessing game to try opening the door.


I'm not sure if this is a bug, but a few of the enemies on Deimos also appear to be immune to status effects and will sometimes one-shot people, sending them ragdolling into the sky.

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

Fixed Summoning Necramechs losing affinity gained in previous Necramechs. 

this is still bugged.

if you only resummon The Necramech it works, but if you summoned the K-Drive or your Archwing before resummoning the Necramech it still resets the Affinity.

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3 hours ago, Limbowo said:

Thanks for the hotfix, relating to "Enabled proper Necraloid items to be a free Reward for hitting Rank 3" will you do anything about the players who've already unlocked this?

I also had this issue, the free reward list was empty.

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Hi! Thank you for the hotfixes.

Is there any way for the new conservation targets to be viewable in the Codex (like the Velocipods and Avichaea)? Every conservation target from the Plains and Vallis can be viewed in the Codex, so it's a bit strange that the ones from the Drift cannot be viewed.

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Ive lost a ton of time off my life farming this stupid crap. Now between poor drop rates(despite dc boosters and nekros), vault doors are bugging when throwing the cannister, and Mother not showing levels...i can't even get past t2... Bruh i'd seriously rather go back to waiting hours for Nitain alerts.

ive done over 100 bounties, not one has dropped. I do now have a metric ton of Maiming Strikes, to the point its worthless. I don't honestly think i've ever gotten angry at a game before. I understand time-gates for building, and drop rates being low so everyone isnt 100% completed with the content on day 2. But this is just bad even for Warframe.

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tradable necramech parts should have been in to start with, dont understand how there is always key important things missing in all big patches

oh and enemy necramech's being invincible for like 5 minutes straight isnt too great either

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My personal thoughts about Xaku, he needs tweaks but is not to bad. 

He's 1 not bad easy straight forward. 

He's 2 needs bigger tweak to damage, and the weapon's need to be WAY more aggressive.

He's 3 Gaze needs to have some kind of wall, so enemies enter but cant leave. Also, when using and converting enemies to allies with Accuse, you and team mate players CAN'T be kill, while under the effect.

He's 4 is fine, as far as i can see.

Know as far as looking at the frame as a whole, Range, Damage, Duration needs to be morely increase.


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3 hours ago, Moomabo said:

Limbo's abilities still don't work inside an isolation vault.

Yeah so far if you get to the second or third isolation vault then limbo's 4 stops working unless there's a host migration. 

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Scintilliant still deos not feel like it actually exists, and for some reason orokin animus matrices are more common then the ballistics version?? and OTAK's "daily special" keeps the same inventory 24/7 why does it not change?

concerning the matrices: please let us either up or down grade those we have such as; an animus matrix could be "torn apart" into let's say 2-3 ballistics matrices or 4-5 orientation matrices.

concerning the scintillant: just straight up increase the drop chance from bounties, i mean it is a COMMON reward for crying out loud!

concerning OTAK's daily special: just make him have a random selection of resources every day, you know... LIKE HE'S SUPPOSED TO.

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50 minutes ago, Becson said:

Can we please fix the stinking latrox une bounty? Never reach the upload and is so inconsistent plus cant tell what to even do to make him upload faster

To make him upload faster use a frame with speed buffs, like wisp, volt etc.

at least this seems to work... for now.

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5 часов назад, Voltage сказал:

How about Brakk blueprint and parts, Detron blueprint and parts, Dread blueprint, Despair blueprint, Hate blueprint, Broken War blueprint, War blueprint, and all Ephemera blueprints?


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Alright i got plenty of Necramech bugs one of them really funny, everyone in the party could see them

Everytime i've resummoned my Necramech a part of it went missing the first one was the weapon (Couldn't shoot, not a only visual bug).


Next the body, you could still use melee attacks and abilities in this form:


And then Turbo-Corn:


The next one was the affinity gain:

In the mission:


After this mission:


Also, pls add mechs to all missions 😃


Most of these bugs seems to happen when re-summoning an ALREADY EXISTING Necramech, except for the afinity.

A Third bug happens when you summon a Necramech that it doesn't apply the correct value changes from mods to the current stats, however, max stats are still applied. EG: 100% Health will result in 100%+ Max Health, Resulting in the mech spawning with 50% HP.




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