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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.5

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What's the trick to ranking Necramechs?  I've tried doing the endless bounties in Deimos but after returning to Deimos the Necramech hasn't been leveled. I've done it twice now and each time unlocked the 4th ability but when I return I'm back to unranked.

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47 minutes ago, KosmicKerman said:

What's the trick to ranking Necramechs?  I've tried doing the endless bounties in Deimos but after returning to Deimos the Necramech hasn't been leveled. I've done it twice now and each time unlocked the 4th ability but when I return I'm back to unranked.

this is still kind of a hit and miss, at least from my experiance its mostly miss and it involves jumping in and out of the mech and operator mode with no true guarantee that it will work, also don't use the k-drive or archwing to move around or it somehow completely disables the affinity the mech has earned, same for if you die and force the respawn, even with a 3 day booster this ongoing bug made it take 2 days but i finally got mine to rank 30, I want to forma the mech to make the most of it when i finally get all its mods but I would say im going to hold off till they can get this issue with the lost affinity taken care of.

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I preserved around 40 predawhatevers and I don't have the one kind that I need to rank up the entrati syndicate.

This is such an entertaining experience. I wouldn't have even bothered to do this mini-game hadn't it been necessary. GREAT JOB(heap ton of salt here)


and don't give me that you can buy the tags with plat BS. That isn't how its supposed to be.

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4 minutes ago, Abradon96 said:

I can`t gild my Infested Kavat and it's on max Raknk. plz fix that. (I have the rep and tokens)

Sad to see this is still an issue after 5 hotfixes...

I love my little foxxie boi but can't gild/forma him...

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Thanks for another update! Having the mech parts tradeable now is epic since i've been grinding for the parts since deimos and it was a pain to try and get the pod 🙂


Any chance though that the drop rate of Thaumica can be increased from iso vaults/mining? It's insane with people spending up to 6 hours a day trying to mine it or grind iso vaults and still getting nothing ;-;

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20 hours ago, Hyday said:

ok so just finished two of the three isolation vaults and my game crashed. I lost all that loot, and i am so very angry because warframe has been crashing more and more, and then you have the NERVE to say its my computers fault? I cant even say "well here is the frame i was using, and this was the location i was in...etc" To help with maybe a bug fix or a crash report, its just "welp game crashed are you sure your PC does not suck? Cause here are some reasons your PC can be a problem."  I have almost never had warframe crash on me until the last few weeks were it happens half the time i play. i have my drivers, my graphics card EVERYTHING updated and still STILL this happens.


I get that this is a big game and that there are alot of bugs and you are only human. I am mostly pissed off because i lost my loot and then all i can do is look at a screen that basically says "heres how having a S#&$ty PC can make you crash" when my PC IS FINE. Sorry just really cheesed off i think i need a brake from warframe. I wanted to get the hemmalith upgrade for my ship (cause i want to see if i can put blood alter on oberon) but till this whole thig is less ... crashy, imma have to just back out for a few.


Good luck with updates and sorry for the rant, if you made it to the end thank you, if DE read it at all, thank you even more.


Also anyone else's powers randomly turning off? it seems very inconsistent so is there an enemy or something thats just canceling my abilities?


Oh who the hell am i kidding? Take a brake from warframe? I am still addicted to this damn game 4-5 years in. You win again DE.

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I did post this in the original update thread earlier today but I do want to post it here as well given this is the most current thread:

The Necraloid grind is completely insufferable. Unless I'm missing something, the only way to get the matrices for standing and ranking up is killing Necramechs in the vaults because DE "fixed" getting drops from destroying those you can take over on the surface, correct? The vaults are long, and DE has made them longer, the Necramechs certainly aren't quick fights either (and they're hitboxes seem off, I don't know if that's just me), they don't seem to drop many matrices at a time (or is that just my bad RNG?) and they don't consistently drop broken Necramech parts either. In fact, the only broken Necramech parts I've gotten were from the surface Necramechs before the fix. To top it off, to get the higher level matrices, you have to do the higher tier vaults, with the same issues, just increased difficulty, all within the same Fass/Vome cycle or it resets. This is all bad and quite frankly, the Necramechs don't seem worth it at this point.  

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maybe i'm posting this in the wrong place(noob at forum-ing), but I've just traded 19platinun with a player for an eidolon lens bp, then I traded another 19 plat with another player for a lua lens bp(then played a little on the obstacle course of the dojo), and when i went to the foundry to craft 'em, it was not there...

so now I am 38 plat poorer for buying stuff that vanished

i tryed to restart the game in hopes that it would fix the bug, but got no result

what should I do?

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If you return from mission with Necramech with HP less than full, next time you summon him you'll see that his HP and shields at the same state as when you came back from previous mission

its like Necramech keeps its state regardless of mission

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please make fixes towards conservation. when shooting wild velocypods that are hoovering above a body of water there a chance that at least one out of three will get stuck ubder the ground in the water making it impossible to press x on them to send them to son. dont know if this occurs when hunting non wild ones. also when theres a paw print marker on the map for conservation starting point sometimes the poop isnt there not even stuck under the ground its just not there at all. sometimes when a lure is equipped for example cryptilex lure the map will also show paw print starting points that are not cryptilex but for example vulpaphyla instead.

conservation is already a pain in the butt because of how important it is for both standing collecting and ranking up with the entrati, these bugs just makes it even harder for us.

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В 28.08.2020 в 21:38, [DE]Rebecca сказал:

Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.5

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!


  • Damaged Necramech parts and Weapon Parts are now tradable!
  • Enabled proper Necraloid items to be a free Reward for hitting Rank 3. 
  • Improved alignments of the expand arrow on the EOM screen. 
  • Improved FX on the ‘Heart’ in a certain quest stage. 
  • Increased the rarity on the Botanist Mod to Rare.
  • Added proximity markers to the mollusks so it’s easier to spot them and gather samples during the relevant Bounty.


  • Fixed a potential Quest progression stopper related to the Esophage usage. 
  • Fixed a bonus objective being impossible to achieve with 3-4 players in the squad for Deimos survivor bounty. Also, objective count will update correctly whenever the squad size changes.
  • Fixed Necramech drops falling through the floor when dropped.
  • Fixed Summoning Necramechs losing affinity gained in previous Necramechs. 
  • Potential permanent fix to Void Dash being disabled by Vault Mechs, more work will be needed on this, but we have made some progress here. 
  • Fixed Chroma Immortal skin missing his tail. Pin the Tail on the Dragon. 
  • Fixed an issue with being able to donate un-Gilded Modular pets. 
  • Fixed Race markers from the surface of the Cambion Drift appearing on the map while underground. 
  • Fixed issues with Necralisk doors appearing invisible or unlit. 
  • Fixed ‘Œ’ not working in certain languages. 
  • Fixed Ally Necramechs not always spawning during Vome Cycle. 
  • Fixed Ally Necramechs interfering with Operator Void Dashing and Transference. 
  • Fixed a couple cases of missing Icons for Weapons in the EOM screen. 
  • Fixed an issue where a named Kitgun would display the default name instead when transitioning from Free Roam missions to a Hub. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Currency bar could get stuck hidden when returning from a mission
  • Fixed the EOM diorama preview not hiding Squad overlay and Currency bar
  • Fixed a script error related to Kubrow’s Marking an enemy with the Mecha Mod set, the Kubrow dying, then somebody else killing the enemy while they are still marked. 
  • Fixed Deimos spots where players could break through the level.
  • Fixed Father 5 Token Tasks allowing multiple purchases.
  • Fixed Carnis set bonus not functioning.
  • Fixed a case where after cutting all fish you had for a vendor, could then go back into the empty cut screen, until reloading the area.
  • Fixed Necramech statue not being placeable in deco mode. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur from the squad overlay.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Deimos Leaping Thrasher.
  • Fixed a localization issue with Iron Staff. 
  • Fixed missing information on Deimos Fish decorations in the Codex.

Dear DE,

I tried to build Necramech but to get the part i have to rank up my standing and to get standing i have to buy blueprint from FATHER. And to be able to buy blueprint i have to be MR 14!!! is this a joke???!!!!!! why is that??? So before getting to MR 14 you are blocking my will to play Deimos. Is it fair?? I hope you can explain this!!!

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Posted in two places considering the age of the original megathread and the fact that someone on the web development team hasn't worked out a unified ticketing system for bug reporting...

  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Colour Saturation is too harsh in way too many places.  
  • VISUAL: 2WFnXNt.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: Seems that Granum Void Coin Orbiter Decoration as way too much light effect/saturation going on with them as you can see from the picture.  Visual settings were pretty standard since the update more than a year ago.  Video Drivers have also been updated properly and the issues remains.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Significantly less glare than shown in the picture. 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% reproducible. 
  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Unknown Rare Object dropped from killing Deimos Leaper, no indicator what was dropped and unsure what item was in the mission rewards screen. Persistent indicator that the object has dropped and hasn't been picked up since the death of the Leaper shouldn't be occurring while a mission is being run solo.  
  • VISUAL: x9XvKPt.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: When killing a Deimos Leaper, a marker indicates that there's an object to be picked up, but no flag in the UI and no unusual item shows in the extraction rewards screen indicates anything unusual.  Dropping a waypoint marker on the persistent flag to see what it is does not occur and seems to be nothing more than a ghost of whatever was dropped.  
  • EXPECTED RESULT: If something is dropped solo, it should be immediately picked up and no persistent marker should be shown.  
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Reproduction explains the observed results. 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Given that the item is a rare/unique drop RNG indicates the persistence and reproduction.  
  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Inconsistent markers on necessary Fauna in Deimos' Cambion Drift.  
  • VISUAL: Fish don't seem to register as a violent/attacking spawn (as seen here): igzpRpD.jpgHowever, Conservation Targets do:Na49rEC.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: Easy to reproduce by simply putting on Animal Instinct/Primed Animal Instinct.  
  • EXPECTED RESULT: different colour markers might be necessary (making them blue/ally as we get in invasion missions) might be in order. 
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Because of this inconsistency, unless a player is actively performing conservation captures, this can be a charlie-foxtrot of issues particularly when Infested -- being the Zombies of Warframe -- attack everything indiscriminately:  Foe and Conservation Targets alike.  Because of this when using melee or AOE weapons extraordinary measures would need to be taken not to kill the conservation target.  This is also why there is an inordinate amount of friction from the player based as this "new method" of conservation doesn't seem to follow established gaming protocols we've been taught since Open Beta.  
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% reproducible.  
  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Probably the most annoying glitch in the game:  Nidus' Larva (2 ability) & Virulence (1 ability) do not damage enemies caught in the larva and definitely do not add stacks if Virulence is cast while on Deimos' gelatinous rivers.  And yet energy loss is consistent while casting the abilities based on Warframe build.  
  • VISUAL: HOIZ6xK.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: This can be easily reproducible if larva is cast and catch 100% above the gelatinous rivers on Deimos.  
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Nidus' Warframe abilities should be damaging and killing ensnared enemies and stacks should be building up according to the Warframe's build.  
  • OBSERVED RESULT: See Description
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% reproducible based on conditions.
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