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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.5

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7 minutes ago, Circle_of_Psi said:

Does this hotfix include us being able to trade Necromech parts? 


10 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Damaged Necramech parts and Weapon Parts are now tradable!

It's literally the first line, man.

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Thanks for the fix!

Are you guys planning to buff Xaku a little bit?
- Energy costs are super high with the 4 for example, and the ability is not good for survival
- Cast times are long

That is imo, I think I will replace the fourth ability. 

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7 minutes ago, JorrickL said:

Please fix the Avichaea, it's very difficult to find the birds after you call them out.

It´s easier to find them in the wild, they come also allways in a pack of 3 if you need them for rank up
do the "quest" hunting only if you want to catch the rare ones

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9 minutes ago, Tokkimu said:

Fun stuff, thanks! Redtext was interesting this time around...


Yeah stuff like hahahaha you ground for three days for nothing ahahah isn't that funny and quirky, farmframelols is no longer cute.

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