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Helminth not working/subsume logs me out (Fixed)

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Ok, so im playing on the xbox one s and i just installed my new helmith to subsume. Ive fed the helmith to get the 3 things i need to subsume rhino and everytime i type confirm, i get a message that says "failed to connect to server. You will be logged out". Ive reset my game, power cycled my xbox, reset my net, cleared mac address and everything else i can think of. My friends helminth works but mine is a waste of space and hours of grinding for nothing. Please fix this bug!

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Xbox one s, not x
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Newly installed Helminth segment, fed it, etc.

- Had Nekros Prime equipped, UI indicates primes cannot be subsumed as expected, no option to select another frame

- Switch to the frame I want to subsume (Mesa w Tennogen stuff attached), UI indicates it can be consumed, confirm and then get => "Failed to connect to server.  You will be logged out."

- Reloaded, removed all fashion frame stuff, weapons, companions, etc  etc same result.


This has happened 5x now.

Update: Also power cycled my xbox, same results.  The Helminth is just broken.

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I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Tried making sure it wasnt rhino that was bugged as well. I switched through several frames (non prime frames) and nothing worked. Just keeps logging me out everytime i type confirm. Ive grinded my a** off for nothing. I really hope someone sees this and provides some information on what the issue is.


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On 2020-09-02 at 7:46 PM, (XB1)Sandman3269 said:

Whatever yall did I was finally able to sacrifice a frame ty ty ty

On 2020-09-02 at 7:55 PM, (XB1)Fatal o0o King said:

Just tried subsuming and i was FINALLY able to subsume my rhino. No idea what you have done but mine just worked for the 1st time since i installed it. THANK YOU!

Glad to hear it! It looks like it resolved itself with the update and hotfixes. We were looking at it from a network stability related issue, so its possible that there was resolution on that front from player end. So if it starts to act up again let us know :) We actually have a fix that needs to go through Cert that will hopefully prevent this in the future - so that'll be coming in the next update.

Thanks for checking back in, Tenno! Happy subsuming. 


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