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How To Fix Steam F12 Key Not Taking Snap Shots Anymore

(PSN) boshido64


                       First of all close game and start it up again on mini menu change game to 32 bt mode( un-tick 64 bit) and save and it will download and update some files after that run the game it may jerk a bit on your pc for a while but after you close the game.

                       Second you repeat the process this time checkmark 64 bit again. and run the game and in menus screen press "print screen system request key about 5 times (spam the Mu%$^%f&^%&) and try pressing F12 again and bam it works.    




cheers guys hope this helps those with this issue

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Well Shion963 not everybody wants to go trough the long mess of now uploading pik to photobucket or whatever getting the link and all, besides war frame is not the only game many other people play on steam  and some want to actually share piks with others online directly through face and more on other game and i think i elaborated steam fix not war frame fix.

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