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MR 30 Content -Spoilers-

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Since we are just getting to a point where there is enough equipment where MR 30 is possible, I was trying to think of what that be. The low hanging fruit is vetern power fantasy missions that will have no limit to enemy types or resource drops that would spawn, so super players don't have to mingle with the rest of us when thy power farm:

Special Solo Content

Lone Tenno Insertion

The more covert counterpart of survival missions. You have the same life support limitations of other players, but your experience is an endless set of spy, sabotage, and mobile defense missions, where you move a data mass through the ship, restorign power to limited areas and sending off shuttles full of raw materials from the ship. 

The sabotage sub-mission would allow the player to restore power to the ship within the area of the vault for a limited period of time. Life support clock is reset 100% and begins ticking down once power is lost to the vault area.

Enemies are in a state of constant disarray and alertness, so you goal will be centered around preventing them from purging the data or cache within 60 m of them if they spot you.

All data vaults contain all possible drops from both resource caches and spy missions. The sabotage sub-missions drop bulk resources of anything but argon crystals.



Endless Railjack

Interdiction Fraction Armada

Groups of players have their Railjack assault a full scale armada of a given faction. It would function like a persistent Invasion mode, where Max MR Tenno head off the planet breaking armadas buying time for other Tenno to conduct mpre covert missions. Players would attack multiple full scale capital ships for each faction, some lined with traps, and most requiring the railjack team to deposit emergency life support to players on the away teams. Sentients would take over the spot as the third faction for this game type, using New War tech and some amalgam warships from the other factions, as sentients value their lives enough to not endlessly sacrifice themselves.

I will likely have more ideas later, but this is all I have prepared now.


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Or just make everlasting content for everyone? Not just make all those content islands for certain groups, make the game evolve and not just aorund tihs.

MR gives some advantages most people not want to see, but not need it also, see it as an stadnard MMO, reaching max level, the content is still there, but another character/class you levle not needs to do the same or all quests again to reach the same goal.

MR is just that for me, a one time thing with advantage that reaches its goal one day, no need to evolve around only this and waste resources but rather make gamemodes that are fun on itself and connect for once, not this whole update after update which only brings content islands.

Main problem is simply make something rewarding here in this, how long will that last? Will the effort equal the reward, will it lock out people jsut becasue they not catched up due breaks and have literally re-level everything due how much we got by now and not got enough to casually go to 30? Those are all problems you have to see here.

Another island won't fix this if they fianlly not fix the roots, and make everything in some way valueable so it not gets abandoned right away after you goten all. The main issue most MMO's have, intorducing liek new resoruces and such makign old worthless instead of combining it into new things, less is often more.

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Locking content behind MR CAP is not a good idea. They could easily add exclusive cosmetics including things like...

  • a syandana
  • a full operator armour set
  • a full warframe armour set
  • a sigil
  • a regalia
  • an ephemera
  • etc.

... which I feel like they will do. I could also see them giving free stuff like a legendary core and an umbral forma but nothing like exclusive content. It'd also be cool if they added an exclusive relay for MR30's just to flex on ppl lol (Baro would never go to that relay).

Edit: Some exclusive Warframe Alternate helmets would be nice but I feel like the exclusivity of that wouldn't last.

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Idea: MR30 Relay is located in the Void map and is Baro's private lounge for when he's between Void expeditions and not selling things at another relay- essentially a place for him to relax and stabilize between Void jaunts the way only a person of his status can. He doesn't sell anything here but he can appear as an NPC at certain locations making idle chatter with passers-by. Otherwise appears like a "Primed" version of a Relay; not quite a true Orokin Tower, but certainly more luxurious than Relays usually are.

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Ok. I sort of understand this argument on not gating content. I have heard it from most of my friends that frequently play MMOs. As someone that never chose to brave WoW long enough to get to the end game content, I have no frame of reference for that kind of experience. I do ,however, remember the older game design trope of have people complete the campaign before unlocking specialized game modes, like time trials or challenge modes. The Steel Path and Kuva Lichs are a step in this direction, but I don't see the problem in doing more content like that.

The Master Rank system is already a means of limiting players from power levelling, by keeping new players from just being given prime parts for a bunch of new frames and weapons as soon as they sign on. If they use it to limit advancment content, for the purposes of maintaining a deverse player base, the should make a piece of content that allows them more flexibility than lower level players.

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