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Help-Trying To Find A Clan


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Hello, I never really was in a clan before, so I wanted to see if I could be of any service to any guild that will be happy for me to join.



Here is my stats:







Rhino-Potatoed Forma'd Helmed-Vanguard








Boltor- Potatoed Forma'd


Ignis- Potatoed


I have more, although would be too much of a waste of time to put on. 


Note at times I may have "leveling" gear on.


What I am looking for:


Active-I am looking for a clan that has at least someone on to help me, give a nice message, and more.


Rooms-I don't join a clan to leach, yet most rooms should be done, really at this mountain clan too.


Accepting-Willing to accept other's diffrences. I am a brony, although I am not going to shove it in your face, just some 


perform with religion. This goes for fandoms, politics, and just basicly having a confersation that is intelligent rather than:


"I am right you fool, so get out. I r rigt u fewl swag." All the same thing. Note in my country, bullying is illegal, etc.


Friendly-I put this last as this was most significant to me. (Not because I am a brony, mind you.) As I would be more


happy to play with those whom have a great personality and life, than same anti-social basement Jabba the Hut.


Notice, this makes a great diffrence within performance and more.



Finial Notes:


-I like anime, just please though, every second should'nt be so serious.


-Fairytail!(You'll know if you watched anime.)


-I am on really everyday.


-500+ hours playing.


-Have steam? Add me in there.


-I don't really use voice chat, as my voice is rather deep.


-I play the bflat trumpet, been doing so for around five years, fan of music, talk to me!


-For fans of music, I listen to Queen and such daily.


Thanks for reading, see you in-game!





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Join WarRangers

We are an active clan with experienced players who help each other.As a clan we have a average size of members but continue to grow.
We accept any members whether they are beginners or hardcore players.

The Dojo:

- All Research Labs + Weapons Builded 

- 4 Floors 

And much more but this you find out if you want to join us , more info on our topic: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/51432-recruiting-war-rangers-w-r/

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