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Pls add more naramon mods for companions

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I'm creating my first vulpaphyla and I was going to buy the plagen antigen (because the "fluffy" mane looks cool to me) and I realized that antigen will put a naramon polarity (the dash) in the vulpaphyla.

There's only one naramon mod for companions, animal instinct, and is not a mod you can find useful in certain builds (as defensive or offensive builds, only is useful in a farm build or something), and I think this is a problem because no one will use the ibexean and the plagen antigens because is kinda useless due to the lack of naramon companion mods.

Naramon mods are mods focussed on utility and there're penjaga mods (the Y thing) that are always active (as fetch) and can be converted on naramon ones, or also create new naramon mods.

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