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A Grappling Hook? Anybody? Scorpio


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So I thought this would be the signature melee weapon of my Turncoat warframe since it is based off grineer scorpion tech. It looks like the grappling hook in the legend of Zelds, with the three prongs, but with longer blades for quick cutting and a good finishing touch stab when the enemy is on the ground. I decided to name this Scorpio not only because of the grineer scorpions, but of a really cool game Just Cause 2 where the main character is nicknamed the scorpio and uses a grappling hook. Obviously the charger is what shoots this out, and the weapon has a very high finishing touch damage.






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Watch Livestream 16. 


The grappling hook is not going to happen in the form we saw in the previous livestream. 


Seriously watch the Livestreams. DE gives us alot of information. Just watch them. 

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